Ultima VII Part 2 Easter Egg - Software Pirate

By some means, go to the coordinates 77S 28W in the forested area southwest of the city of Fawn. There you will find a small house barring your entry with a locked door. If use the cheat mode in the game to rid yourself of the door, you will arrive at a place that is called the "House of Wares". Inside there will be a pirate with the equivalent of a computer and its peripherals (the monitor is called a "magic cube" and the keyboard is called a "rune board"). If you look at the computer a message will scroll across the screen about software pirating an afterwards one which says "Ultima VIII: Pagan... Coming Soon."

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-21-2000
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The computer advertising Ultima 8: Pagan
The computer advertising Ultima 8: Pagan

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Fade2Black writes:
Well, if I have to be true, there's no reason for using the cheats... you find the key for that place in a dungeon. There's even a story about that place: A Bard in sleeping bull was playing when a pirate was smoking too much. The poor singer then asked if he can stop smokin' so much and the pirate then killed him. End of the story. That story is written on a scroll dropped by a ghost in a dungeon whose entrance's coordinates I'm going to tell in a couple of days. Now I'm tired and I'm going to sleep yawn....W l'ITALIA!
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Fade2Black writes:
Well, as I promised, here are the coordinates for the entrance: 28 south 2 east. Look for a room filled with debris and a moongate. Enter in moongate, and there you'll find the k (maybe it may work only with the silver seed installed, but I'm not sure.)
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