Three Men and a Baby Easter Egg - A Ghost? and rifle

In the seen where the actor Ted Danson has his Mother stop by to help with the baby, she picks the baby up in his room. When she starts to walk out to the left, look at the back window, there will be a figure of a boy in the curtains. The story goes that a little boy who once lived there died in that apartment. (But don't quote me on that) In the previous frame when Ted and mother cross the window there is a rifle standing on barrel in the window.

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Je§K writes:
OK, first of all, everyone who says it is a cut-out of Ted Danson is right. But you're also wrong, because anyone who has the original copy of Three Men and a Baby knows that the little kid is in fact not Ted Danson. Once the story of the little kid got out, the film was re-edited to make it look like a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson. I should know, because I have the orignal copy, and I have seen the newer edited version. Now you ask, 'Why would they not just edit the boy out all together?' Because of the simple fact that if they did that, people would be almost certain that the boy is a ghost. On the other hand, there is a cut out of Ted in the movie, so why not just edit that into there and make it look like a coincidence? And it's a fact that many apartment television and movie sets are modeled after real life apartments, so who knows? So many of you back up your stories with 'Well, the crew said that the director said this.' If this is, in fact, a ghost, do you think the movie crew would actually say so in risks of making themselves look like real jacka**es? That's my 2 cents.
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Abstract writes:
Ok, I don't care who saw what, but I was sober when I checked this out over like 15 times. Go frame by frame. If you look and pay attention, you see a shotgun standing straight up by itself in front of the window. Then they don't show the window, then when they are leaving, the gun is GONE, and that freaky little kid is standing there. If thats a cut out of Ted Danson, then it completley sucks cuz it looks nothing like him, and its hand is sticking out of the curtain. So how can a cut out touch something?? And who cares if it was filmed on a set?? That's where movies usually are filmed last time I checked...what, ghosts can't haunt movie sets??? WHATEVER
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Exar writes:
Yeah, I've heard the Ted Danson stand up story. I've paused, frame by frame, still photo etc..... It's NOT Ted Danson. That was the story from Touchstone. If thats the case, why is the standup not there on the first pass. She clearly walks by the window holding the baby and nothing is there. She turns and walks back in the same direction and VOILA.....instant ghost.
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synphany writes:
I have watched the movie many times and I have seen the "ghost boy" and the "cutout" of Ted Danson. The "boy" by the window is definitely NOT the "cutout" Ted Danson. They look nothing alike. I'm not sure what it is, but there IS something there. And it stilll spokes me to watch. Weird!!!
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ddnicole writes:
Okay, that is definitely - without a doubt - a little boy! He is nowhere near the size of Ted Danson! I've seen this shot many times with my own eyes, and I would bet money on it that the image we see is a young boy standing behind the door. Even the version I saw on TV shows the young boy. Plus, he is not wearing a top hat and coat! He has on regular little boy clothes (pants and a shirt).
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Jan1e writes:
If you look closely, it has the man (forgot his name) and the mother walking through the apartment with a little bit of space in between them. When the space in between them passes in front of the window, you can see a little boy standing there. However, when they start walking again and the man passes in front of him, it turns into the cutout. It is very clear, because the cutout is wearing a top hat and the little boy isn't. See for yourself. The producers were probably trying to cover up for it.
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Mattcraze writes:
Okay, I don't know about you, but the picture that is shown at that site that disproves this story is very different from what I saw in the movie. The boy is much bigger in the picture on that site, is kinda leaning to the right, smiling and wearing a tux or something. What I saw was a smaller boy, standing straight, wearing a red and white STRIPED shirt, and you can't really see his face. I don't know what this means, but I do know that the picture at the site is definately NOT what I saw when I watched the movie.
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Jax writes:
OK...OK...I have been told of this as well. I have been told all three stories about the boy and the gun and Teds cut out...but no matter what we think we will always see what we want to see...I like the ghost boy story so to me thats what it is...a ghost of a boy who sprit has been caught in limbo and is serching for a way out.
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ironbear writes:
Okay, the way I've been told by a somewhat reliable source is: The BOY in the background actually fell from the window he was standing in front of. The boys mother didn't want to, but finally saw the movie when it. Of course she was looking at the window the boy fell out of and saw her son. She cracked! And she created a huge stink with the studio. They then recalled earlier releases from the shelves and replaced them with an edited version that has the Ted Danson popup. I have the first and second edition, and it is very eerie to see the difference. I'm still not going to say that this isn't an elaborate hoax though.
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CrisF writes:
Yes, i wish that the suggested ghost was just a card board cut out, but i don't think it's very convincing. A few years ago i was watching an Australian show called 'the extraordinary', they covered a story on this incident. Oddly enough, this little boy also appears in a film clip, leaning against a tree(i wish i could remember which one). It is the exact same boy, and apparently no one knows who he is. Why would directors purposely place an apparition of a ghost in a film made for children, just for a publicity stunt? As i watched it as a kid, I was really scared by the film, and i avoid watching it now because the figure spooks me out. I can promise that the boy in the film clip is the same one, maybe they did it on purpose once again but i doubt it.
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Khadisa writes:
Yesterday My sister and I recorded this movie to find the "Little Boy" when Ted is pulling the lady into the room to see the baby you see a shotgun in the window. Now as soon as the pass the window for the second time you see the so called "cardboard cut out". #1) Why would a cut out be on the set ????? (It has nothing to do with the movie) #2) If you go to Click on movies(On the side)then film then scrollo down to three men and a baby. They will Show still frames of the cut out, shotgun and the "little boy" Now when they show the cutout his arms are sticking out.(Only half are there) When they show the "little boy" there are no arms-they may be behind his back-Thanks I hope you see it from my point of veiw.
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Sweeti4509 writes:
When I watched the movie, whatever it was I saw in the window did NOT have a top hat and tails on. Like someone already said they EDITED the movie and put that into the window. Whitney
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amberview writes:
I saw the original movie. I was also watching with a big screen tv. It wasn't fuzzy at all. I never saw the "shot gun." However, I did see a boy. He has a white t-shirt on. He has a flanel over shirt over it. He has on jeans. He has brown hair with no hat on. Ghost? I don't know. Either way it is not Ted. If you say it is, you haven't watched the original version. Therefore, you people who are calling other people stupid or "idiots" do not know what you are talking about. There is someone/something there and it is not Ted. Perhaps it is a hoax where they have put a cardboard cutout of a boy, but again it is not Ted. Don't believe me? Watch the original version if you can find it anywhere and make sure you can clearly see the boy. It is so clear for me that I can almost make out the color of his eyes.
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Leo writes:
I've watched this over and over, frame by frame, and it is definetly not a Ted Danson stand up cardboard thing.
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Panda_Bear writes:
I'm actually too scared to look @ it and try to figure it out......anyways....besides that...OK the whole apartment/soundstage know...the sound stage could have been haunted too...
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susie writes:
People sometimes don't want to believe things they don't understand,or never saw before.If you ever seen a ghost-who would fully believe you? I have-and so has my family.I also saw the version of this movie before it was changed.It appears to be a real ghost figure-look very closely...the boy moves..a cut out wouldn't.He also appears to gaze as if lost and watching what is going on there.Not just because of the curtains--he looks more pale and like an apperation. I have personally seen ghosts-and grew up thinking there was no such thing....But I was wrong.If you believe there is God,angels,Satan,and demons-There are ghosts (spirits) too. I didn't believe it until I kept playing it over and over either.I thought it was just a hoax-for movie ratings and money. But take it from someone who has seen them-it's got to be real..or a better hoax than the peice of cardboard they used to cover this whole thing up.I'm sure they didn't want to be sued-and lose all the money made on this film either. Why do you think they cover it up-and not give straight answers about the first one made? They probably had to pay the mother some money,then cover up the boy to keep the movie out....if it was NOTHING--they wouldn't need to cover it up at ALL!!!
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The image I saw had not top hat and was far to young to be Ted Danson... Also the "ghost" has no legs they fade out before the foreground intercepts them... as if he is just floating in place with a very odd look on his pale face.
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Brendon writes:
The scene was apparently filmed in a movie studio and not in a real apartment building so any child deaths in apartments dont relate to it (though this is actually word from the film makers who may be trying to cover it up) It would be cool if the ghost was real!
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machine_05 writes:
come on .. seriously... let's look at the two options... either it was a cardboard cut out left lying around that was clearly seen elsewhere in the movie (hard to swallow i know)...or the spirits saw fit to ease all mankinds suffering by at last revealing that there is indeed life after death..surely the most important discovery in the history of humanity. And how do they decide to inform us of this wonderous news....? they send one of there numbers to stand around...(sorry HOVER cos that's what real ghosts do right..?) the background of three men and a baby... grow up... the only eerie part is the though that if we're REALLY bad..we get to spend eternity behind the curtains in some crappy feel good chick movie...
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Greatest Hollywood hoax of all time!
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TLF writes:
Oh come ON, people, isn't it too obvious that this is a publicity stunt? The public love nothing more than a delicious rumor and easily fall prey to stuff like this. And what do you know? It happened again. Face it - the little boy was an anomymous actor who stood there as an easter egg. End of story. They changed it to Ted to help back up the ghost story, and it certainly seems to be doing its job well. =)
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skarpathian writes:
I saw the original release and it is definitely NOT Ted Danson. I'm not saying I think it is a ghost; I'm not saying I think it's not. However, remember that Leonard Nimoy Directed this movie. He also narrated "In Search Of" where he would "investigate" spooky goings on about the planet. It still spooks the sh*t outta me to think about it though.
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Zene writes:
I see the gun too! It looks like a rifle or shotgun. Ted answers the door, he and his mom are walking into the room where baby is, as they pass the window (where, in just a few seconds the boy appears), there appears to be a rifle "hanging" in the air (not leaning like it's proped up in the corner). The very next shot is Ted's "mom" reaching in the basket to pick up baby. She and Ted then walk right past the window again and there's the "boy". The story I heard was that years ago the boy's father had shot and killed him (with a shotgun) in that very room. Not possible I guess, if it's a set.
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khoa writes:
I don't know if this is legit or what...but in the same scene of that ghost and rifle when the old lady sits down with the baby and says "...nothing at all," it then cuts to Ted Danson...look behind Ted Danson to the left at the looks like some sort of hand like apparition.
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McMushy writes:
Right people! In the movie there is a cut out of Ted Danson! And yes it is this cut out which many thinks is a ghost! It looks smaller than a cut out due to the position of the camera! Making an angle! Later on in the film though when the three men sing to the baby look behind them at the window! There is something spooky floating in the window!
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lostsoul421 writes:
OK i don't know how you think it is a ghost boy that was killed in the apartment. The entire movie was filmed on as sound stage/set. The only shots of an actuall apartment were the shots from the outside. So the whole thing about a boy killing himself or dying by falling out the window is completley false. If you go to this webpage the "boy" and the actual cardboard cutout are together and you can plainly see that the "boy" is wearing a top-hat and a tuxedo. For the story of them editing it in after the mother saw it. I have a version from the 2nd day it was out on video and it is Ted in a tuxedo not a little boy. Now i know what your going say they edited it when it was in the movie theater, now this not only would cost a lot of money shipping the new release and recalling the old ones in less than 24hrs. so the film can be shown on its regular basis, but you cannot see the "boy" unless you slow down the footage and actually look for it so the people in the movie theater would not have caught it. As for the gun it is just a different angle of the cardboard cut-out.
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kc writes:
I have the original copy of the movie and I saw that and it freaked me out so I did some research and when they walk into the room there is a gun in the window where the boy shows up(unless you didn't know he was killed when his father shot him).And even if its fake it still freaks me out!
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My personal opinion is yes it was the ghost of a boy in the movie. For those of you who remember the original version of the movie can defenitely tell the difference, I think all the bullshit about the cardboard cutout was a cheesy attempt by the cast and crew to hide the truth, but that's just my opinion.
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Laocoon writes:
The boy could not fall from the window; it was a sound stage.
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Filoli writes:
Ironbear - hoax, don't you think. Think about it. There are tons of sites and groups looking for physical evidence that there is life after death. What you are describing would be physical evidence of a ghost captured on film. Do you actually think that they would choose to pull that and put it on a shelf to collect dust? OR does a rumor like this increase its viewing? HMmmmmm. Try going to and look this one up, along with the legends of other movies, such as "The Wizard of Oz".
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Sparky writes:
What about the rifle? There is a rifle in some of the frames at the exact location where the boy is. I am sure this is just a publicity stunt, but it is fun to catch.
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Caity writes:
Well all I'd like to say is, why is there a curtain over the boy one the right hand window, then on the left hand window there is no curtain at all? COuld this be to hide that it's a cardboard thing of Ted Danson, But, when you go to the site that someone has mentioned above you willnotice that the cardboard cut out in another seen is different to the "Ghost". Firstly it's bigger! He's got a longer shirt! The faces are different, so is it a ghost, is it Ted????
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Lone Star writes:
I don't know if it's real or fake or whatever, but it still spooks me out!!! VERY eerie.
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mocha397 writes:
There was NO GHOST!!! It was a cardboard cutout of Ted!. Also the movie was shot ON A SOUNDSTAGE!!!!!!!!!
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Todd writes:
Entertainment Tonight did a story on this "egg" several years ago when it was first discovered. A boy did commit suicide with a shotgun in that apartment. The figure in the window "is" a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson and there is a shotgun leaning up next to the window. Both of these items were placed there purposely--probably to boost video sales once word got out about the "ghost" in the movie. For whatever reason the prank was pulled, it certainly was in poor taste. The boy's mother saw the movie and was reportedly very upset over this.
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Jade writes:
Todd-exactly how could this little boy have committed suicide in this apartment with a shotgun? First of all, the movie was not taped in an apartment but on a sound stage. A sound stage can be found at a movie studio, never in an apartment. Production is NEVER done in a regular apartment for the simple fact that space is a major issue in filming. Secondly, how could a little boy (rumor has it he was definitely younger than ten) commit suicide with a shotgun? His arms would not have been long enough to pull the trigger.
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Stanley Peck writes:
The little boy who appears when Ted Danson's talking to the mother isn't a ghost - it's a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson which features in a later/earlier scene. There's also the very good point that all rumurs along the lines of "there was a small boy murdered in that apartment years ago" are obviously rubbish, because that apartment was a set, knocked up for the film then got rid of. [It's also seen close up when Danson is next to the window. The cutout is supposed to be from a commercial Danson does in the movie but the scene referring to the commercial was cut before the film was released.] The above was clipped from:
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Skellman writes:
LLij-aise is right, The "ghost" is really a cardboard cut out of Ted Dansen and the apt. isn't a real apartment anyway, its a Sound-stage. this is according to the makers of the movie, its in the book "Too good to be true" its a collection of urban legends, including this one.
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InASense writes:
As a fellow ghost enthusiast, I feel we have a responsibility to strive to learn the truth instead of just believing in what we want or hope is true. I feel many people need to be educated as to the accuracy of this claim something they can all easily find out themselves just by renting the movie without any second opinions. After renting three men and a baby to glimpse the "ghost", I watched and re-watched the scene of Ted Danson's "mom" pick up the baby and walk out of the room in slow motion, frame-by-frame, & still picture. The angle of the camera on her as she walked in made the figure behind the curtains look like a rifle, then as she turned and left, it took on a more frontal view to show what looks like a boy. But, the honest truth anyone can find out for themselves is that it's not. Plain and simple. Sorry, "Todd", "redhead", "abstract", and "Khadisa". At first I was excited by what I saw and wanted to believe it, too, but it doesn't take replies to accusations from the film-makers or by "experts" to figure out that the image is not a ghost but a stand-up of Ted that is later shown more close up and in focus in greater detail later on in the movie. He's wearing a top hat, a jacket with tails over an off-white shirt and black pants, same thing as the "ghost boy", just out of focus and with curtains over it. The image changes from the weird suspended rifle look to the boy but its all in the camera angle and focus. Anyone who honestly tries can figure this out by comparing the two images right after each other with a lot of fast-forwarding and rewinding. Put it to the test if you don't believe me, there's no excuse to believe in it without doing so, those of you believing in stupid and outrageous claims! Jessk or anyone else, if you still need more and can't take your own word for it by taking the appropriate measures of common sense and looking closely and rationally, then take my word for it, or "Filoli"'s, or "machine_05"'s, or ANYONE that can think for themself, OR go to "". And for those of you that respond saying "I don't know, but I'm freaked out" sort of thing, what is the point to a response like that? It isn't the least bit helpful for anyone. At least try to find out for yourself and respond with something educated. This isn't meant to put a damper on things, I just want to set everyone straight because it is so discouraging to see people run wild with inaccurate ideas swearing up and down something is that really isn't and then inventing exaggerated stories to go along with it. It's too bad because if it were real that would've been neat. Don't get me started on the Wizard of Oz. Hopefully with the help of greater clarity and color contrast of DVD's everyone knows by now it is a crane, undoubtedly! PLEASE can we put these silly, old, fake rumors to bed and find the more interesting, credible ones of REAL paranormal activity?!
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unionswt14 writes:
Filoli you may think it's a cardboard cut out but that's only in the edited version, after the mother saw the real version she threaten to sue if they didn't edit it, that's why only in few of the edited versions he's wearing a top hat, maybe you should do more reasearch.
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AmyLouise writes:
ok, I dont want to argue with anyone really... but just to share.... my uncle writes screenplays and I verified this with him, and all I know is that its true about the ghost. the lady who owned the apartment tried suing the film makers because she thought it was a practical joke, because she knew the boy personally. he was her father or something at a young age. anyway, you are probably right that they edited it to make it look like a cutout, because the last one that i saw was DEFINATLY the boy.
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I went to and looked at the pics. The first one DOES look like a little boy, and looks much different than the Ted Danson cut-out. He's not even wearing a top hat! I'm thinking 1 of 2 things: either it's some kid that likes to sneak on movie sets, or 2 it's a ghost. But if it's a ghost, he must be friendly..... unless that's an EVIL grin on his face! And ghosts can appear anywhere - in hospitals, banks, outdoors.... I'm sure they can appear on movie sets too!
0 of 0 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No Everyone go there.. they show up close pictures that prove that this urban legend thing is false. There's no little ghost boy.. I watched the movie too and it was creepy but after i saw these pictures it made it all clear...
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Sarah writes:
Ok, this may sound weird but I know a few "Ghost Hunters". my mother is one, its her hobbie. She takes pictures of weird places known to be "haunted" well in her pictures we and whoever looks at them can see "orbs", "Vortexes", and other things like that. well i believe there was little boy in that movie, even though critics say it isn't you can clearly see it in the original movie of three men and a baby. I am told that this little boy killed himself with a shotgun, i kind of doubt that, even though it has become a major gossip issue. well, like i said my mother is a "Ghost Hunter" and if this little boy actually appeared in the movie he would have had lots of energy or is trying to contact somebody really badly because in allot of pictures you can only see the head or the facial area. This little boy is trying to say something or........ is just a regular little boy trying to get himself famous be pretending to be a ghost of a nine year old boy who killed himself.
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Tamara writes:
Okay, I have read every last one of your comments on this site, and a lot of you make valid points and some of you have just not researched the subject. I happened to have worked on this set and let me straighten something out for you. This movie was filmed in an actual condo that was sold to Disney by a woman after her son committed suicide in the condo with a shotgun. The mother of the boy filed a lawsuit against Disney stating that they used a likeness of her son in the movie as well as placing a gun in the next window frame similar to the one he used, as well as dressing the model likeness in the same clothes her son was wearing the day he killed himself. Disney claimed they did no such thing and had no real knowledge of the incident happening, how it happened or what the boy looked like. Also, until the lawsuit was brought about, no one had ever noticed it. I happen to believe in ghosts and I noticed that the boy did not have feet. Interesting to me because all of the ghosts shows and documentaries I have every seen show ghosts figures without feet, as well. I personally do not think that Disney would have no reason to put something like this in their film...for what? I could also see how it was overlooked because there is a lot of "guy" junk in that apartment set to make it look like a bachelor pad. There are so many people that work on a set that it is hard to know who is doing what and what is supposed to be where. The film editor is not going to know what should be there if it is not overtly obvious.
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cristobal03 writes:
I couldn't tell you about the location. Or about alternate releases or edits. Or about little boys and how they did or did not die. The only version I've ever seen is HBO's, which has aired on and off for a decade or more. That said, there is a shotgun in that scene. Not a shotgun-ish image, an auto-loading pump-action shotgun. The forestock (the part you pump) is particularly noticeable, as is the silver chamber plate. The camera pans uncut to the right, holds a moment, then pans back. The shotgun is replaced by a human figure. Now, a couple of logistic points. Regardless of where the scene was shot, the crew would have had to expend quite a lot of effort to place and strike those props (if they were props) in front of a window without interfering with the lighting of the scene--i.e., casting shadows. On the other hand, if the images were inserted during the editing process in post-production (which I highly doubt; the quality of the images in question compare favorably to known special effects images of the period) the editors would have had to budget a special effects project. That is, even simple insertions or overlays require financial and professional resources. Therefore, the idea of some members of the crew organizing a prank, as such, seems to me a bit...improbable. So then, two possibilities remain, as the bulk of the above comments demonstrate. Either a) the film-makers purposely constructed the scene with its problematic images for one reason or another, or b) the problematic images were somehow placed in the scene without the knowledge of the film-makers. Personally I don't buy the idea of a studio hype campaign considering the movie's cast; the leading men were popular enough actors to ensure competitive sales. Nor do I find the theory of inventive movie editing very credible, since--as I said before--the background images blend too well with the foreground action to be inserted as overlays during post-production. I can't agree with those who say the whole thing is just an out-of-focus cardboard cutout because that would not account for the shotgun, and I have seen the shotgun. Furthermore, the set's design throughout the movie is rather stylized, or structured. In other words, there is a game room with games, a screening room with movies and such, a greenhouse or glass garden of some sort, there are three unique bedrooms--I mean to say a cardboard cutout prop would be sorely misplaced in the window of an otherwise subdued, formal sitting room. And besides, props that visible don't get missed during shooting, even if they aren't very noticeable in the final cut. After all, with ten or more people working intently within 8 or 9 feet of the window, anything out of place--prop or person--would get called out. So then, I suppose as a hoax the whole thing would require a lot of unnecessary effort, and I can't agree with those who say it is only a misinterpreted prop. It is really weird, though. I dislike that scene, it makes me uncomfortable. I think probably because of the shotgun.
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Dandruff1138 writes:
Earlier in the movie you will see them walk past a door in the apartment the door is open, thus against the wall. The door swings a little towards the closed position and the camera starts to pan away. There in the corner behind the open door is a boy staring at the camera. Why am I the only one that has noticed this? It is more clear then the window scene. I wasnt even aware of the window scene (Which from what i see IS a ted cut-out) someone check this other scene out and comment on it I want someone elses opinion.
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57_chevy writes:
Ok Everyone, i am a big fan of this movie and as you watch the scene with his mother, as she is walking into the room there is this faded black image behind the curtain same size and shape as the boy and yes there is a gun like image next to him, now if it was a cardboard cutout it wouldn't look faded and sitting behind a curtain the directors would have seen it and moved it for the take. now as they walk past the second time the gun image is gone and they boy is standing there clear as day his hands are touching the curtain and the image has moved from being inside the curtain to outside, and to add if it was a cutout it would have a shadow there wasn't one! a ghost doesn't have a shadow, a cardboard cutout does!!!
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Filoli writes:
Okay, this is an urban legend. Earlier in the movie in Ted Danson's room you see a cardboard figure of him in for a play or something that he has done...then in the scene mentioned the cardboard figure of Ted has been moved into that room. All you have to do is pause the VCR and you can see it is Ted very plainly.
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Jenni writes:
Ok... this WAS filmed on a set, so, not a chance of a ghost story! The boy that you see by the window IS Ted Danson, when he was a child, it was placed there as a practical joke by another cast member, and left during editing. Leave your ghost hunting to Blair Witch
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Disgruntled writes:
Besides, if you compare the two picture on snopes, the "ghost" looks almost exactly like the cutout. If you look at it's face closely, you can see the exact same facial expression. As for the shotgun, it only looks like s hotgun because the moving curtains are blocking the rest of the image.
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Kym writes:
I've only heard about the ghost story after i saw the movie, and never again so I've never seen the image. But for people who do beleive it's a ghost i heard that they tried to avoid the image all through the filming and they could never see it withought the camera. There's just another peice of gossip...
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Squeak writes:
Even though I am a BIG supporter in the occult, I have two theories on this, one disproving, one proving. Number one: Some kid might have gotten in during filming, and not caught. Number two: What if the apartment stage was designed after an actual apartment where this happened? Ghosts are known to follow out of their haunting places.
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ScottE. writes:
Here's the actual poop on this, I had found out about this while it was still in the theaters and wrote to several of the PA's (Production Assistants) and of course some of them wove more into the story then they should have, effectively rendering the basic story nothing but poop, later I was in contact with Tom Selleck who told me that this was in fact a cutout of Ted Danson and that Danson wants to be in front of the camera even when he is not even on the set, which is also why they had to develop a means for Danson's character to be elsewhere in the world during this shooting, he actually was elsewhere! The original story was that a little boy had committed suicide and that if you look at the scene it looks like a kid holding a rifle in the window behind a curtain, Not! It is in fact the Danson cutout and it appears later on in the film for all to see...
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Jadey writes:
Ok so if this "ghost" is real, why can't anyone provide names of the mother or the little boy? Or the date he died? Or the address of the apartment? It's a cut-out...on a sound stage...
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JimmyGoGO writes:
Your all idiots who believe it's a ghost!!! At first it doesn't look like Ted because the camera doesn't focus right so it's blurred but seconds after you can see it clearly!!! it appears several times through out the movie!!! USE YOUR BRAINS!!!!
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Disgruntled writes:
I've seen a first edition of the movie and it's the same as the later version released. It was not altered. Besides, if they wanted to remove the "ghost", why would they replace it with a cardboard cutout that would still be mistaken for a ghost? They could easily just remove it all together. And no, there was no coverup, as filmaking is heavily documentated and it would be easy to see if they filmed in a soundstage or not. It was checked into, and they did not film in a real house. Besides, since when have you heard of movies being filmed in real houses? They do it on soundstages because a real house would be to closed in for the equipment and everyone to fit on. It ain't no ghost.
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Actually, the way I hear it is, there was a boy who fell from the top of the set and that's his "ghost" in the window. But that's only what I heard, believe what you want
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tinytiff writes:
I heard somewhere that in fact it was a little boy, but contrary to popular belief, it was just a kid who had snuck on the set from another film movie that was being filmed at the same time, not some ghost kid who killed themselves in the so called apartment.
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IT'S FAKE. The creators of the movie confessed to putting that prop there.
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Kristal writes:
Yes, yes, and yes again, it IS the Ted Danson cut-out. Any doubters, check out the web site, and get rid of that nasty urban legend once and for all. Please!
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Jennifer writes:
Okay, alright already. Okay, Jack (Ted Danson) is an actor right? So he would have some sort of merchandise from film sets and all that right? So that's what it is! It is a carboard cut-out of him! If you watch "Three Men and a Little Lady", you will see in the beginning, when they open the moving truck, Jack is sitting in the back with a cardboard cut-out of himself.
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Drew17 writes:
It really amuses me that this is still going around. Later in the movie, when the Men are mourning the loss of their Baby, you see the cutout in closeup. It's not the same size as Ted Danson, it's maybe 4 feet or so. But it Is him. He's standing at a bit of an angle. Because the standee is so small but still in proportion, when you see it from far away in the ghost scene, the top hat- whose rounded top edge appears circular as he is tilted back- looks like a mop of dark hair. You don't see the whole figure when they first enter because the curtain covers the cutout's face at that angle. all that is exposed is the side of the figure- one side of the black jacket and part of the white shirt, which just looks like white space against the background. Hence the "black rifle." If i remember correctly, the cutout doesn;t have any arms- he's posing as if he is singing Broadway style with his arms out, but they're squared off past the shoulders.
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Dimper writes:
I have to agree to disagree on this one with some of you. I have an original tape, i actually went looking for it to see if it was true...sad huh! Anyway i can see a very clear picture of a boy who is 6 or seven with short brown hair and dark shorts and a white top. He is standing at the glass at an angle looking in but obviously not where the camera is facing but rather he is looking at something in the room itself. I have found some documentation that suggests that the film team had been searching and searching for a suitable location to shoot the movie, but nothing suitable was ever coming up. Then this apartment came on the market and they couldnt believe how perfect it was for the script, but the reason it was on the market was because the owners son had died there and they wanted rid of the property quickly. At some point one of the film crew decided that as a mark of rememberance he would transpose an image of the boy into the movie, so it terms he could live on forever. Aparently it was supposed to be a kind and thoughtful gesture!! Anyway as it does the story got out or someone saw it. Thus the reason it is in the original and not the newer re-releases because it was a transposed image that was removed after all the hype....that how i heard i anyway ;0)
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It is not a ghost. IT IS A CARDBOARD CUTOUT OF TED DANSON(it appears in another scene).If you want proof go to and find the movies section.There you can find proof that it isn't a ghost.
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Latoya writes:
It's true! You can clearly see it in the movie...the looks so strange when you look at him closely. I also hear about what happened...that little boy died in that apartment! :(
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PJ writes:
People, the scene was shot in a sound stage, not a real house. It was a cardboard stand-in of Ted Danson, not a "ghost." Why can't you guys who refuse to believe otherwise give it a rest? (Check out
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Acidfreeze writes:
Well, that picture I think was a fake. The rifle (according to a source I read about two years ago) was a flap of the curtain, was filmed on a sound stage, and was a cut-out...but, I saw something else on the movie that made me think about ghosts, a little boy behind a door after a creak (I saw that part about 5 years ago, and am not sure it was actually there). I am an avid believer in ghosts, and don't believe the rumor after I saw the tape a second time.
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Filoli writes: IS TED DANSON. The cardboard figure is wearing a top hat, the very same figure that is in Ted's room in an earlier scene. Next time you try viewing the film...try doing it without the benefit of mind altering substances.
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burghgirl writes:
I also had heard the story of the little boy and that his image could be seen in the movie. But, a friend bursted my bubble and pointed out what it really was. If you look carefully (after several pauses and slow motion viewings), you can see that it is really a cut out of Ted Danson. If you remember he plays an actor in the movie and this was probably a "promotional tool" for one of his character's projects.
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LLij-aise writes:
About 5 years after the movie came out, I read in one of the entertainment magazines (can't remember which one, maybe Entertainment weekly) that the whole "little boy-ghost thing" was a big publicity stunt. The guns and the "shadowy figure" were all edited in the movie intentionally. It all started when the director or producer or somebody thought it would be fun to see how much a controversy like this would increase the popularity of the movie. Apparently it worked because people are still talking about it. They created the story about the little boy and everything. So essentially it is all a big joke that all you guys screaming ghost fell for. Now problem solved, the debate is over. Let's move on to more important things in life :)
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Ashley writes:
I can't believe how gullible some people are. I have been researching this kind of stuff for two years. Mainly all the rumors about the Disney movies. But this movie came up in one of my motion picture classes. First of all, who said it was Ted Danson as an adult? It could be him as child. Or, it could be a crew member's kid. Or it could be a practical joke so that people would argue about this later! Besides, if it was a ghost, why would it show up on a SOUND STAGE (hint... hint... people, this movie was not filmed in a REAL apartment... do your homework!) for a movie about three goofy guys taking care of a baby? It was not a ghost, I wish that whole rumor would just cease, because I hate it when people actually think they have a valid argument thinking that it's a freaking ghost!
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Just a Girl writes:
Okay everyone, here is the real deal, information which I received from a friend who was an extra in the movie. The little boy on the set is NONE OTHER than a son of one of the set crew. He was brought to work that day to be looked after, got lost and ended up on the set during filming. The reason you don't see him a second time is because he was so scared that he ran away and hid so as not to be in trouble. The director caught this during editing and rather than going and re-shooting the scene, the director decided to just make it believable that the boy is actually the cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson.
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The_Sandman writes:
There is the movie website or someplace that has the direct comments from the crew saying that it was a prank set up before the take and they forgot to take it down. Yeah, I was a little disappointed to hear that it is not a real ghost.
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