Darwin (Third Eye Blind) Easter Egg - Reprise of Song "Camouflage"

The track "Darwin" takes up almost 21 minutes of time, but the song only lasts 3:42. If you "forward" your CD player to the track time of 18:50, you'll hear a reprise of the song "Camouflage" (track 9) featuring some good guitar licks (followed by goofy laughter).

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-19-2000
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Special Requirements: Third Eye Blind's "Blue" CD.
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bluetwenty writes:
There have been two different releases of the album Blue; earlier editions have "Darwin" as the last track, while later releases have the completely edited track "Slow Motion" as an end (as opposed to the earlier version that left the chorus in). Both, however, feature the reprise of "the Red Summer Sun."
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Dean writes:
DOH!! I goofed! The reprise is actually from track 8, "The Red Summer Sun". Sorry folks!
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VB3eb writes:
Hey listen RON J LOW, Third Eye Blind is the best freak in band this world has to offer, so don't think its cool to get off saying they're a bunch of drunken slobs. I've seen them in concert 3 times, and met them. For your info they are very NICE people!!!!!!!! I liked the little twist at the end of the song DARWIN(13), an extra from the song THE RED SUMMER SUN(8). I thought it was pretty damn COOL and LOTS of other bands have done that as well. Listen to their first album, and their second too, go to a concert, and talk to them personally. If thats what it takes for you to realize what kind of people they are and give them some respect, then so be it. Anyone else agree wit me??
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Scooby_doo writes:
If you have the Blue CD by Third Eye Blind, the reprise to "The Red Summer Sun" and the 'goofy laughter' is actually at the end of "Slow Motion" (track 13) and it comes on within seconds of the song ending (you will hear it at about 4:40).
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Wallflower writes:
I would appreciate it if you wouldn't diss a band because they decided to do something on their CD...I quite like that album..it is one of my favorites...Other bands have placed hidden tracks...sorry if you don't like what they did, but don't diss them because you have different tastes....personally I think its funny to have a hidden track. I only discovered it because I accidentally left my CD player on. Maybe it wasn't meant for everyone to hear
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Christy writes:
I don't know if the fans are meant to hear that kind of stuff or not, but why else would they put it in there? I can't really fall asleep with any other CD on (I have to sleep w/music) so when there's silence for 10 or 15 minutes I wake up. So I just burned the album onto a separate disk and took that song off. Other than that, it doesn't bother me that they do that. Hidden tracks R cool.
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froggirl58 writes:
The same thing happened to me--I was having a tough time and the only thing that could get me to sleep at night was listening to Third Eye Blind and Blue. I woke up and thought I had hit some button because "Red Summer Sun" was playing again. And to the person who was moaning and griping about how long it takes to get to this part, you *could* just fast forward it, smart guy.
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Clavis writes:
This trick of including "trick tracks" after 10 or 15 minutes of silence on the last track is about as old as CD players. Nirvana's "Nevermind" had it. Alanis Morrissette's "Jagged Little Pill" had it... hell, even "Weird Al" Yankovic did it! The joke dates back to when CD players only played on CD at a time... okay, you young whippersnappers?... like the old record players, you'd put on the CD, and forget about the mechanics of it. The music would end. Silence. Only you expected silence back then, because there was only one CD, and the convention was to stop at the end of the disc. So if you weren't paying much attention, and you didn't immediately move to put on a new disc, the silence would pass, and this faux-hidden track would start up! It is a legitimate easter egg, not least because it is an exploitation of technology for the purposes of hiding a secret message, in this case a song or piece of audio. Everyone got that?
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BikerDude writes:
Lots of CD's have hidden songs past the end, or irregular numbered tracks. A few I can think of are Nirvana, Nevermind, and MANY others. Watch the track numbering on Krackers Kerosene Hat, you hear 3-4 songs, but you're already up to track 60 or so... 'Low' is actually a hidden song around track 99 I believe.
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Does AC/DC ever do anything like this? - I bought "Blue" right before driving to Cali and back from TX for a stupid marathon "The Rock and Roll Marathon" - the marathon ROCKED - I just called it stupid because I ended up walking the last 3 miles barefoot because my shoes popped. Not a good experience. Anyways, on this long road trip my brother highly criticized (to the point of veto-ing the entire CD) Third Eye Blind for "blindly" stealing AC/DC's song in one of their intros. I believe the ACDC song was "Back in Black" - but I am not posative. Since, I have heard the Back in Black song and totally agree, but do not see any reason to abandon listening especially because I think it speaks to the writer's (Jenkins I assume?) heritage. Am I a total idiot? Has anyone else noticed the similarity of that intro on Blue that sounds like A/CDC??
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RonJLow writes:
This bit of performance art is obviously an intentional insult to their fans. We're so stupid and bored we'll listen 15 minutes of silence for the chance to get something more from the mouths of the prophets (which turns out to be drivel). I feel their sloppy TV appearances in support of the first album were saying the same thing: "It's just a perfect album; enjoy it or don't, but stop deifying us. We're drunken slobs." How DID they make such a perfect album?
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