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Hitchcocks habit of appearing in his own movies happened by accident; in one of his first films he was short of an actor, therefore Hitchcock took it upon himself to play this small part.

Eventually he was forced to appear in the beginning of each movie so that the audience wouldn't be destracted from the plot while they were looking for a glimbs of the master...

If you are interested in all cameos, take a look here: http://www.hitchcock.nl/cameos.htm

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shawn writes:
Hitchcock's cameo in Psycho occured at the beginning of the movie, when Janet Leigh's character is arriving at her office. It did not occur just before the investigation with the detective, sister, and boyfriend, which occurs in the middle of the movie.
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Nancy writes:
The cameo in North by Northwest occurs immediately after the credits, when Hitch tries to catch the bus but the door closes before he can. It is not in the restaurant where Cary Grant hails the page boy.
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Scott writes:
every one seems to have missed (sorry if i've over looked it) but late in the movie Psycho "Al" was the Tow Truck driver that pulls the car from the lake.
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paul balcaen writes:
If you watch Hitch's "Rear Window" you can see him winding the clock on the mantle of the composer's living room at the start of the film. A relative of mine worked with Hitch as a Production manager on this film and told me that Hitch would read paperback novels or take a nap during the filming. His actors had rehearsed the scenes before.
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Hitchcock and "Eggs". In one of his films, I'm not sure which, the lead actress walks into a man's apartment, and on the stove in a frying pan is a sunny-side-up egg. The actress who is smoking, extinguishes her cigarette right in the yoke of the egg. Sure, it seems trivial, but what you might not know and what they don't teach in film school or documentaries is that Hitchcock's father was a life-long poulterer, and by the end of Hitch's adolescence, he grew to hate the look, smell, shape, and anything to do with eggs, even though in his late years he took on the physique of an egg! Granted, you can call it trivia or a short biography, but it pertains to eggs doesn't it? All this, and I'm only a 24 year old filmmaker/passionist for the medium as a whole. Bye Bye!
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Hal writes:
As far as Hitch's cameos in each of his films, I've heard the story that he did it early to get it out of the way, but also, as a film student, a professor pointed out to me that it was always before the main theme. For example, in North by Northwest, it is in the scene before Cary Grant gets up when the spy (who doesn't exist) is paged and Grant is mistaken for the spy. In Psycho it's before Marion's sister goes to see Marion's boyfriend and say Marion is missing (which leads to the investigation). I can't remember all of them, but I also remember Strangers on a Train was placed in what could be considered a similar manner. It seems to me his appearances do coincide with an announcement of the story theme.
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Anelia writes:
I thought everyone knew of the cameo thing, why is it on a site that claims to have little known info? Why don't you include bits of trivia like: Hitchcock once dressed up as a woman and had the photo hidden and its whereabouts known only to his friends?
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Bryce Rausch writes:
Well, Al (as I called him) did accidentily have a cameo appearence in his movies. However, being that I WAS there, I must say that the rumors are wrong. Actually, he was filming his earliest movie, I can't quite remember which, in a murderous rage tried attacking a Crane that interrupting his shot. Well, the Best Boy Grip had the sense (or lack of) to film it and not tell Al. Al was furious, but everyone loved it. So, that's how it came to be. BRyce
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