Perfect Sense, Part I (Roger Waters) Easter Egg - Backwards Message

At the beginning to song three, you can hear someone backwards talking. If you have the record, you can just play the very beginning before he starts to sing by making the record spin backwards with your finger. If you have the CD or tape, you have to record it somehow with a wav recorder and then play the very beginning backards. It's hard to understand what he says at first, but it's something to the effect of "We changed our minds and decided to include a backwards message. Stanley could you inform the other book burners." Then he yells something, but I can't figure out what it is.

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Contributed By: chuck on 04-13-2000
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Special Requirements: It must be played backwards
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TmK writes:
This is the message in its entirety (without the screaming, cause that's just impossible to make out and Waters is not saying anything, but I don't think it's anything nice): "Julia, however, in the light and visions of the issues of Stanley, we have changed our minds. We have decided to include a backward message, Stanley, for you and all the other book burners" (yes, book burners). The reason for this is that Waters asked Kubrick to use HAL's voice from 2001: A Space Oddysey, but Kubrick said no (the reason he said no, is that was the answer he was given when he asked to use music from Atom Heart Mother in his movie A Clockwork Orange). The voices he wanted to use included the part where HAL is saying "Dave, I'm afraid Dave", whether this is a reference to Dave Gilmour or not I do not know. And the heavy breathing is to imitate the breathing from the movie. After Kubrick died however, Waters used HAL's voice in live performances of the song (shame on you!!)
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Mercury writes:
He doesn't say book burner, he says book partners. He is refering to Stanley Kubrik and the authors that wrote the books that his movies are based on
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Roocifer writes:
there is also ranting about the whole HAL issue on various parts of the Learning to Fly album. This is according to an interview I heard with the local radio station in my area.
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bigdwhite writes:
In the normal direction, the following reversed message ends just before the lyric "The monkey sat on a pile of stone" begins. For whatever it's worth, the last faint utterance just before the lyrics begin is the word "Julia" in reverse. In the phrase "we have decided TO INCLUDE a backwards message," it sounds like a woman's voice is mixed in for the words "to include." Her voice can be heard (as gibberish, or course) in the normal direction. Also, the word book could be gook, as suggestion by other transcriptions of this message. It rhymes wiht nuke, but after careful listening it sounds more like it begins with a B sound. And book makes more sense. Julia, (pause) however (pause - 2nd thunder in normal direction), in the light and visions of the issues of Stanley, (pause) we have changed our minds. (pause) We have decided to include a backward message. (pause - 1st thunder in normal direction) Stanley, (pause) for you, (pause) and for all the other book (short pause) partners. At this point there is a descending-pitch rant that appears at the beginning of the track. In the normal direction it is, or course, a rising-pitch rant. In either direction, at both normal and slowed playback speeds, it was not clear to this transcriber what was being shouted. In fact, in the normal direction, it sounds vaguely more intelligible as "It's just what I said (?) (? alright! ?). Perhaps it is an attempt at shouting in reverse in an attempt to create a reversed-sounding message. The story goes like this. Waters had asked Stanley Kubrick if he could use the "breathing sounds" from his "2001: A Space Odyssey" film on the album. Mr. Kubrick refused. So Waters dubbed in his own breathing effects, and recorded a nasty message for Kubrick's benefit.
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