Doom Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

1. Type these codes when you´re playing the game.
2. iddqd (to become immortal)
3. idkfa (to get full firepower and all keycards)
4. idspispopd (to walk through walls)
5. idbeholdl (to turn on lights)
6. idbeholdr (to protect you against radiation)

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Contributed By: Gudundur Hermannsson on 07-08-1999
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Pictures and Videos

iddqd idkfa idspispopd
iddqd idkfa idspispopd
idbeholdl idbeholdr idbeholda
idbeholdl idbeholdr idbeholda
idbeholds idbeholdi idmus12
idbeholds idbeholdi idmus12
idchoppers idfa iddt
idchoppers idfa iddt
iddt (a 2nd time) idclip idbeholdv
iddt (a 2nd time) idclip idbeholdv
idclev12 idmypos
idclev12 idmypos

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matthew writes:
That's not all of the cheats, here are more: idbeholda = all map idbeholds = super powerup(makes your weapans more potent,for a short time) idkfa = all ammo and guns.(no keys) idbeholdi = partial invisibility
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-=QWERTY=- writes:
Codes' Alphabet: A2 A 32 H 2A P 3A X 62 B B2 I AA Q BA Y E2 C 72 J 6A R 7A Z 26 D F2 K EA S A6 E 36 L 2E T 66 F B6 M AE U E6 G 76 N 6E V F6 O EE W CODES B2 26 B6 AE EA 01 00 00 IDMUS ## ▓&╢îú B2 26 E2 32 F6 2A 2A A6 6A EA IDCHOPPERS ▓&ò2¡**æjú B2 26 26 AA 26 IDDQD ▓&&ê&  B2 26 F2 66 A2 IDKFA ▓&ªfâ  B2 26 66 A2 IDFA (full ammo,no keys) ▓&fâ  B2 26 EA 2A B2 EA 2A F6 2A 26 IDSPISPOPD ▓&ú*▓ú*¡*& B2 26 E2 36 B2 2A IDCLIP ▓&ò6▓*  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 6E IDBEHOLDV ▓&bæ2¡6&n  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 EA IDBEHOLDS ▓&bæ2¡6&ú  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 B2 IDBEHOLDI ▓&bæ2¡6&▓  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 6A IDBEHOLDR ▓&bæ2¡6&j  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 A2 IDBEHOLDA ▓&bæ2¡6&â  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 36 IDBEHOLDL ▓&bæ2¡6&6  B2 26 62 A6 32 F6 36 26 IDBEHOLD ▓&bæ2¡6&  B2 26 E2 36 A6 6E 01 00 00 IDCLEV ## ▓&ò6æn B2 26 B6 2A F6 EA IDMYPOS ▓&╢║*¡ú  B2 26 26 2E IDDT ▓&&.   IDMUS## Changes the music in Doom II. Where ## is a 2 digit code indicating a song number. A list of the numerical values for all the Doom II songs follows. 00 INTROA 01 RUNNIN 02 STALKS 03 COUNTD 04 BETWEE 05 DOOM 06 THE_DA 07 SHAWN 08 DDTBLU 09 IN_CIT 10 DEAD 11 STLKS2 12 THEDA2 13 DOOM2 14 DDTBL2 15 RUNNI2 16 DEAD2 17 STLKS3 18 ROMERO 19 SHAWN2 20 MESSAG 21 COUNT2 22 DDTBL3 23 AMPIE 24 THEDA3 25 ADRIAN 26 MESSG2 27 ROMER2 28 TENSE 29 SHAWN3 30 OPENIN 31 EVIL 32 ULTIMA 33 READ_M 34 DM2TTL 35 DM2INT IDCHOPPERS Prints "Doesn't suck - GM" and gives you a chainsaw and makes you invincible. Dave Taylor: "Choppers" is a State Programming Contest game that a friend of mine named Guy Maor helped write (-GM). He's a little defensive of it 'cause it wasn't *quite* finished on the release day. Was a cool two-player Rescue Raiders rip-off. He was drunk and talked to me one night, and I thought I'd put it in. IDDQD God mode(degreelessness mode) Dave Taylor: "dqd" stands for Delta-Q-Delta, an informal fraternity that two other hackers and I made up. The requirements were getting a "Q" in your class (stands for "Quit"- like failing but it doesn't go on your GPA). We impressed our friends with programming feats but weren't exactly scholastic role models - so far only one of us has graduated. IDKFA Full ammo + 200% armor, no backpack (Kick F***in' Ass) IDFA Full ammo + 200% armor, no backpack,no keys IDDT Use on map screen, type several times Shows full map, then shows location of all objects, then erases IDSPISPOPD No clipping (Smashing Pumpkins into Small Pieces of Putrid Debris) Works in DOOM1 only. IDCLIP Turns no clipping mode on/off (Doom2 only) IDBEHOLD Displays menu (followed by S, V, I, R, A, or L for choice) R = Radiation suit I = Invisible V = Invincible A = Automap (reveal entire map) L = Light amplification S = Berserker mode (Strength) IDCLEV## Followed by episode number and level number (a warp!) IDMYPOS Displays your bearing and coordinates in hex -------------------------------  
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idspispopd is the only working no-clip cheat for doom1 idclip is for doom2 only...
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Jafit writes:
To the first poster - idkfa DOES give you all the keys. idfa does not. :) idspispopd - (it may have been listed, but its late and I'm tired) - walk through walls and stuff.
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FloydDoorz writes:
The clip code in Doom 1 is actually an easter egg of sorts. The SPISPOPD stands for Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Pieces Of Putrid Debris. I guess Doom underwent a huge delay during development so people on their bulletin board got bored and starting designing their own game where you'd go around on Halloween causing havoc and the clip code is a reference to the name they came up with for it. The game was just an idea, as far as I know it was never coded. It was just a distraction to help pass the time during the delay. In DOOM2, they changed the clip code to idclip because it was far easier to type in/remember. SOme other corrections/additions: idbehold brings up a menu at the top of the screen of things you can give yourself, including light, toxic suit, berserk, etc. You type the first letter of the item in the menu to enable that ability. idclev e#m# lets you warp to a different level. Example idclev38 warps you to episode 3, mission 8. idmypos gives you your current position. It's not really helpful in way that I can tell, but I guess it was helpful to the programmers in debugging the game.
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Payne writes:
Just two things: One, the "KFA" in "IDKFA" does not stand for "Kick F***in' ASS," it stands for "Keys Full Ammo." Yes, I do know it includes armor, but I got that that straight from a book. Published material is HIGHLY reliable. Two, Nightmare is supposed to prevent the use of Cheat Codes. Indeed, it won't let the used operate the God Mode and Ammo modes (amongst others), but it does not prevent the use of "IDCLEV," "IDMYPOS," and "IDMUS." FYI
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Tpayton writes:
Type IDCHOPPERS=Chain Saw Enter Map type IDDT twice=Full map and location of enemys Start a Deathmatch enter map hold down alt and type IDDT 5 times for location of enemy
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Franimus writes:
Yes, all the codes listed in here do work. I grew up on this game, and the only thing in here I'm not sure of is the music numbers, although the code works. The secret levels (31 and 32) are Doom 2 levels, and not in doom 1. To change levels in Doom, type the code (IDCLEV) and then follow it by XY, where X is the episode (1, 2, or 3) and Y is the mission (1-9, 9 being the secret level for the episode, and 8 being the boss level)
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These cheat codes also work on the demo for Doom 95.
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Rick O'Shay writes:
In the later versions, 'idmus##' changes the music to e#m#.
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Meno writes:
there are only 28 or 29 levels, so i thought, if you use idclev (clev = Change LEVel... just an idea) and put in a number higher than the last level... well, i tried it and BAM! i was playing a level from Wolfenstein3D (or a related game). there are 2 or 3 of these levels, one of which consists of a room with a lot of pillars and like 4 secret rooms and some kind of boss. i was to lazy to try other numbers cause when i went higher than 33 the code didnt do anything, but i only tried 34 and 35. didnt bother with more.
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WAKKO writes:
Instead of IDSPISPOPD, I believe IDCLIP works just the same. You can walk through walls, etc. But.. you also walk through the ammo and health, etc... so make sure you have IDDQD on before walking through stuff and meeting a big red blob or something. IDKFA never hurts either ;) (No, I'm not going to name all of the silly creatures.. Mr. Blobby, heh)
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Jess writes:
IDBEHOLDV does something...but I haven't played it 4 ages so I can't remember what... It might be protection from radiation. or that might be IDBEHOLDR...I'll check.
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Danny writes:
Hello Idclip(go through walls) is easier than idspispopd
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celosia writes:
I don't know the deathmatch one, I haven't heard of that one before. But I've used all the others and they *do* work. ===
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Do these actually work???
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