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As you may know this movie has many connections to the Bible. Well, at the beginning of the movie, The Matrix of numbers is shown. Some of these numbers are bright and the bright ones spell out the name Jesus. Look very closely, as it is hard to see.

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Caradoc writes:
In the scene where Morpheus is leading Neo through the Nebuchadnezzar, just prior to his introduction to the rest of the crew, Morpheus says "This is the core..." At this point we cut away to a sign reading:- MARK III No.11 NEBUCHADNEZZAR. Much has been said about Nebuchadnezzar but no-one seems to have picked up on the fact that MARK III No.11 should be read as Mark 3:11, which is obviously found in the Christian New Testament, and reads:- Whenever the evil spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, "You are the Son of God." (Morpheus was right, "This IS the core!") The evil spirits referred to in this verse are the evil spirits of the deseased people who are following Jesus. As sickness and desease were often thought to be symptoms of posession the evil spirits who recognised him as the Son of God could be a reference to the agents who 'posess' the people in the Matrix and who will eventually come to recognise Neo as the movie's equivalent to the Son of God. This really jumped out at me, especially as the cut-away seems really awkward and even messes up the flow of the film - it practically screams 'Pay attention - Big hint here!' As Nebuchadnezzar was the King who took the Israelites into captivity in Babylon, as many of you have mentioned, his being mentioned here in connection with the Mark 3:11 reference could be simply a further pointer to the connection between the 'evil spirits' and the agents - the agents work for the ones responsible for taking the human race into captivity (yes, I know Nebuchadnezzar is the name of the hovercraft). writing this I just realised something further : the next thing in the film, Morpheus says "This is where we broadcast our pirate signal..." - the next thing in Book of Mark, Jesus chooses his apostles so that he can send them out into the world to preach. Next in the film, Morpheus introduces the rest of the crew, basically the script here reads like a list of names - Next thing in the Book of Mark the reader is introduced to the apostles by way of a list of names.
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seifu writes:
Cypher is the one that eats the steak. The steak was basically symbolic of his renouncing reality for the illusion of the Matrix which he found to be more pleasurable than the truth. I mean, as soon as he bites into the steak he says' "Ignorance is bliss." What more do you want? By the way, I have read that the name Neo is an anagram for the word "one," such as "Neo, you are the one." Also the name Apoc comes from the word apocalypse. The name Morpheous is the name of the ancient pagan Greek deity of dreams; which is interesting considering his role in the movie. The word Morphine also comes from this ancient Greek word--I suppose because it makes you feel like you are dreaming(I've had a lot of morphine before--long story). I have also read that the name Cypher was taken from the name Lucifer--LuCYPHER--which is interesting considering his role in the film. There were definitely religious connotations in the movie, however, I don't think they were purely Christian, which is pretty darn obvious from the many Buddhist themes throughout. Also the concept of a coming messiah or reformer is an idea shared by Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and various other religions. Both Islam and Christianity believe in the return of Christ:except that Muslims believe he will return as a prophet as opposed to the Christians belief as something more than that. It is obvious that the Walkowski brothers incorporated a mixture of religious themes in a way that the story would have a broad appeal and message for many. Well, that is my two cents--enjoy.
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Neo writes:
It Is CYPHER that eats the steak, not Apoc. There is also a hint that Cypher is going to betray them: Everyone on the Nebuchanezer (I don't know if that is the correct spelling), wears round glasses. Cypher wears square glasses like the agents
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Wydok writes:
About Matrix and Christianity: Even if this is not a "Christian movie" does not preclude the fact that is full of Christian symbolism. Neo ("The New") is the savior of the Society. He is loved by Trinity (*cough cough* do I even have to say it?). He is killed by the rulers of the Matrix (ie the Romans) only to return from the dead more powerful than before (resurrection, anyone?). In the end of the movie he is ascending in the sky (Pentecost). This obviously isn't a "Christian movie" (full of violence and using God's name in vain), but it can still use Christian symbolism. er, about Jesus appearing in the glowing numbers. I didn't see it. Doesn't mean it is there though.
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Elder writes:
It is very interesting to read all of the comments about the bible and Zen references in the movie. Perhaps instead of looking at it as one or the other, maybe the writers were trying to provoke viewing spirituality versus technology in this modern world rather than picking a particular religion. Remember the reference to "There is no spoon"...this movie is brilliant and thought provoking because it allows you not to think conventionally. I find it's very fun to read comments about what people have found that might be interesting to other fans of the movie and discuss eggs that we have found rather than arguing among ourselves. Thank you for all the neat things that you have found, clever people. It makes the Matrix a far more curious movie to watch.
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Bendo writes:
Think about when morpheous says that there was one (jesus) that could do as he chose in the matrix (perform miracles)and he woke up the first few (his follwers, apostles) in the beginning, and then he died (crucified).. And now those that believed him were waiting for him to come again (second coming) because of the oracles prophecy that he would return and stop the battle between the humans and the machines (good vs evil)
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Mike woz ere writes:
Neo is shot 10 times at the end of the film, could the bullets represent the commandments? After he is shot ten times he is reborn and understands the world, can see it how it is and "change it as you [neo] see fit". 10 is the earthly number of completeness, after being hit 10 times he is complete. Just a thought....
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Tom M. writes:
Kleedrac, the Matrix is tinted green but the real world is not tinted. If you have the DVD and watch the movie with the commentary, they talk about it.
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dan writes:
I am sure the Matrix has connections with the Bible even besides the obvious stuff. There are many, many movies that do that no one has even thought of. And the people who make these movies don't even know there doing it a lot of the time. People can only be so creative so they keep going back to a main source and reuse ideas and plots. Even people,unlike me, who don't believe in truth of the Bible realize that it has very intriguing ideas. I can find ways that most stories relate to it somehow. All ideas come from somewhere. Shakespeare didn't originally come up with Romio and Juliet, people have experienced and told of similar tales years before. But you all are probably talking about whether it was on pupose or not so then my comment would be irrelevant, but it's just an intresting thought. Amen to smartyfarty and I thought the Garden of Eden relating to the original matrix was kinda cool.
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Neo/One, God all have 3 letters representing Holy Trinity. Neo is the One: the Saviour/the Christ. Where there is a Christ, there must be an AntiChrist (and vice-versa). Agent Smith calls Lou-Cipher, "Mr. Reagan". Ronald(6 letters) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) was the real prophesied "1st Beast whose actions were the opposite of the Christ, he was ruler of the world, lied to all nations, and was wounded yet lived". Google: Reagan 666. (George Walker Bush Jr. was/is the "2nd Beast who imitated the 1st Beast [Reagan] and made 'fire come down from the heavens' with the 'destruction of Babylon' [Iraq War]". United[6] States[6] Dollar[6] is the "mark of the Beast that everyone must have to buy and sell with" - The Revelation Chapter 13.) We really do live in a matrix and now you have taken the red pill. Of course, you may chose to spit it out.
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Dark Smurf writes:
The screensaver on the website is horrible. I found a much better one on the internet somewhere. But you are right, it is just upside-down/backwards Japanese characters.
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Bishop writes:
I have seen this movie like 8-9 times, some of the links are ok but yet lightly mirrored. The "Jesus" spelled out in the matrix code viewed on my DVD, and diced up on my PC from the screen saver is a fairly nice pile of crap! screen saver Ver.(7.0r198) & (1.5.0) are bogus copies. And sukz slightly in the flashed characters. The text "is" Japanese (upside down/sideways)and contains characters I can't find, probably made up. Nice try on the "Jesus" thing though.
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Squash writes:
The reason we don't see people eating in the matrix (except Cypher) is that it is not necessary to eat in the matrix. Cypher chooses to betray his friends in return for ignorance of the matrix. We see him enjoying his steak, this is symbolic of his desire to reject all that he knows about the matrix (and his current life I suspect). Essentially he is killing himself, and hoping that he gets a chance to be "reborn" over the taste of a steak.
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DigtialBlaze writes:
to NeoTzc: I cant figure this out either... I'd really like to know why they used Japanese symbols in the first place... possibly an allusion to the faced-paced technology industry of Japan? Maybe the fatal AI was allegedly programmed in Japanese, that being the only symbols they know (Japanese uses 1234567890 too), they make the Matrix code stream with it. Personally I think everyone is over-analyzing the movie =\
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SmartyFarty writes:
I have no idea why the ship is named the NEBUCHADNEZZAR, but what I DO know is that he WASN'T a Hebrew king that freed ANYBODY. He was a Babylonian king that destroyed Jerusalem and took the Hebrews to Babylon for 70 years. Read the book of Daniel. This movie does have some interesting parallels to Christ and Christianity. Whether the writers/directors MEANT it to have those connotations, I don't know. If they didn't, I think it is cool how God can use a secular movie to bring up discussion about his Son, Jesus, the One true salvation for this world.
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rewriting history? sounds like 1984...always a good book to allude to.
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Cat Juggler writes:
i was watching an interveiw with Keanu reeves and they asked if it had a connection with the bible and he was very nervous he eventualy said "umm i dont think so, but i did do what they told me to"
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subbuteo writes:
I understand all the connections to the bible, and the number and wordplay. (Perhaps understand is a bit strong!) You could consider there is a great deal of zen in the film. Morpheus describes to Neo what the matrix is (before he is unplugged) and mentions; ' it is all around see feel it...'. a zen parable describes a fish asking another fish 'what is the ocean?' The child in the waiting room is dressed in buddhist robes and describes the spoon thing to Neo (being spoon-fed the obvious perhaps,) which suggesting the illusion of self (not ego id or that pile) just being, and the sign 'tenet nosce' - know thyself, (I haven't looked it up yet but it may be wrong.) reflected (sorry) In zen in the axiom: 'Directly pointing at ones mind watching one's nature attain enlightenment.' Don't forget the obvious links to Alice in wonderland (big rabbits they have on TV).
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Cocershay writes:
if you listen to the back story morpheus tells neo about how and why the AI created the matrix it's just like the part of genesis when people tried to get to heaven so god spread them across the land and muddled up the lingo
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Ryan Price writes:
It occurred to me that many people believe this movie has to do with the bible, how? It doesn't concluded anything related to the bible. If the Matrix reflects any literature or ideal thought is Plato's "the Cave". "The Cave" deals with a group of people who's whole reality is inside a cave, which they are chained inside of, and the main philosophy is when someone enters the outside of the cave into reality they are knowledgeable of their own reality and see life clear, somewhat like when Neo can defend himself from the agents. Plato's cave is based on what education or knowledge really is and how people need to gain it and know what it is when it comes across their path.
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Waffle writes:
I personally belive that "The Matrix" IS an Allegory for Jesus and Christianity. However, there are two strong arguements I have yet to see put forth. Arguement 1: Morpheus's Ship is named Nebucanezar, A King Mentioned in the Old Testament. Argument 2:Cypher Betrays Neo. Judas Iscariot Betrays Christ. If you need connecting those two seek help. Other Connections had been correctly made, 3 and Trinity are both prominent in the New Testament and in The Matrix. You can correctly connect the Bible and The Matrix for those reasons, it does not nesicarily prove one way or the other but indeed a connection is there. And for those smart aleks out there; A Matrix is an ordered array of Numbers.
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There are many similar references to The Matrix and The Bible in the amazing game, Deus Ex. Deus Ex is a reference to God and the storyline and level designs have lots of references to The Matrix. Happy Hunting!!!
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Esqulax writes:
Why diddnt i see this before.... Father - Morpheus "you were more than a leader, you were a father" Son - Neo (Anderson = Son of Man) Holy Sprit - Trinity I rekon it was that basic.
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pianista writes:
For furhter reading on the matrix and the way it uses religion there is a great book out there called "The Matrix and Philosophy." Not just about chrisitianity but buddhism, zen, and others. Hard to find book but very, very interesting.
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Aquila writes:
Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories...Just because a movie MAKES REFERENCES to the Bible doesn't mean it is necessarily FOR the Bible or against it. I looked for this egg and I was unable to find it as you were, but you might want to start thinking about things before you post them. I know that you are "A TRUE Matrix fan", but you still don't seem to have grasped the plot. The Matrix program is based on a REAL TIME AND SOCIETY that existed in 1999. Yes, the movie allows for possible mistakes made by the machines on the taste of certain foods and other minor details as brought up by Mouse, but they basically verbatim copied our society in 1999. This would most certainly allow for legitimacy of the Bible within and outside of the Matrix. Please tell me where exactly in the movie anyone states that there isn't a Heaven or Hell. Also, when people die in the Matrix they are fed to the living, but that doesn't say a thing about what happens to their soul. This fact only causes (small) problems for the bodily resurrection of believers at the Rapture. But when people die in real life, what do you think happens to them? Many are cremated and many others just decay into the ground for the most part. (Let's not limit God, shall we?) As far as Qender's post, he was merely stating that there were verbal references to Jesus in the film as well as a similar plot line. I know that you must enjoy being such a Matrix fanatic, but that obviously does not make you smarter than everyone else as you seem to think.
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onspeed writes:
Did anyone notice the hidden interview at STEAK? The FX guy refers to a room number 1313, I only remember noting 303 and 101 within the film, maybe a subtle forshadowing? I think all the numbers are relevant, movie production costs millions, spending a couple of quid on minor props to add an underlying logic is a bargain. I`m off to watch the film again, i`m gonna look very carefully for significant numbers. One more thing. The only reality those born into the matrix know is what is fed them from the matrix. all the matrix has to do is feed them a program with a rewritten history. It could have generated news and police reports that morpheus was a murdering phsychopath and put his picture everywhere, with the recommendation of shoot on site, with a phat reward. Much more effective than men in suits. any bets on this appearing in another matrix film?
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NamelessOne writes:
Sorry but I also think this is a fake egg. The code in the beginning is NOT the Matrix code. I only say this because someone here told this lie. It's actually just a tracer program. Why the hell should anybody add a "Jesus" in there by brightening up numbers of the code??? This makes just no sense at all and therefore it's a fake...or a dream...
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NeoTzc writes:
Why is it that the "ta" katakana symbol always the brightest?
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Ptolmey writes:
I agree with Elder, after all, there really isn't any spoon, is there?
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Elijah82 writes:
The reason you don't see people eating in the movie is because it doesn't matter. You don't see people using the restroom either, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And there's too many people in here thumpin the bible. The movie has many references from many religions and literary sources. It's not just a movie about the bible. Tunnel vision anyone?
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daunrealist writes:
Morpheus is the Greek GOD of dreams.
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Seren writes:
In Book of Revelation (4:8) is a description clearly drawn from Isaiah: "And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to sing 'Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come!".
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Qender writes:
I didn't say it was written in the code, they are quotes the characters in the movie say!
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stinkinsac writes:
hey these last few comments are on it. thank you smart people
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Specs writes:
I know everyone has got enough of these bible references, but I'd like to correct one. Someone posted that Nebuchadnezzar means protector of the crown, like protecting Neo, but actually, Nebuchadnezzar was a Hebrew king that lead some group of people to freedom (I forget who, I just remember it was one group from the Tigris and Euphrates river valley at Mesopotamia), and the Nebuchadnezzar led all those freed people aboard to the real world, or freedom.
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mattp90 writes:
You know after neos friend say your me own Jesus man neo say if you get catched useing this I don't exist. Just like in the bible Jesus never wanted to be know or he won't have been killed on the cross. Now Morphes knew so he didn't want Neo to die but thats just what Neo needn't. Like this a man born in the Matrix a man born in eden.
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ET writes:
Do you people not get it? This WHOLE movie is biblical! It's about Neo being the second coming of Christ! All of the clues are there! Remember when Agent Smith was trying to "hack" Morpheus' mind, he said "the original matrix was designed to be a perfect world..." Does the Garden of Eden ring a bell? Read the bible, and watch this movie. It will all come into perspective. There are SO many other things that point directly to the bible, i just can't think of them all right now. Read bible. Watch movie. Learn! It's all there!
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NtoTheDrk writes:
@ Kleedrac You see everyone eat that slop at the table and they all discuss how it tastes, and that you have to eat it because it has ann the nutrients needed to keep one healthy
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kittiekat18 writes:
Ok, well people keep bringing up nebuchadnezzar (sp?)... well i did a project on him last year and he is well known for the hanging gardens of babylon, they are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world... i dunno if this helps anyone or has any connection at all but it's just a though
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Fletch writes:
You know what I find even more amazing... The biblical references, what if it doesnt matter? What if reality, perception, existence whatever you want to call it is all there isWhat if there is no other meaning no afterlife no alternate state, what if that is only ever going to be air your breathing. Everything that is, is a product of man. Even nature, by our interpretation of it, becomes a product of that interpretation (hence man). Everything we dream or fear doesnt exist, there is only our reactions to them. Paralell universes, the construct, reality whatever you call it, is not only very real but the only place you'll ever be.
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Monkey_ass writes:
Morpheus- The guy that babtises jesus (i dont remember his name in english). He tells Neo what to do, an take him to the real world (baptision) Neo- Jesus He is shot, and reborn and he is the chosen one that shall save people from the Matrix. Matrix- Sin
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lozer writes:
To Kleedrac about eating in the Matrix - If you recall, Apoc eats the steak, but Neo eats the cookie the Oracle gave him. Sorry. I hate giving bad news to good people. :-)
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Darker Smurf writes:
Qender, you are a moron. the only reason they use Christ's name in this movie (aside from the comment to Neo "my own personal JC") is as a cuss word. "Christ he's fast"? if you think this is in keeping with the Bible, check out Deuteronomy, specifically the Ten Commandments. "Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain" seems to be slightly against this viewpoint of yours. sorry to bust the bubble buddyboy.
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