Chex Quest 1 Easter Egg - Picture of All the Programmers

1. Get to level 2.
2. Type scottholman to get all keys
3. Go through one of the doorways that have a stair case that goes down.
4. Go through the door, and transport to the refridurated storage. There are two different sets of stairs going to a yellow door. one you will need to turn to the right to get to, the other the left. They are different and only one has the correct crate.
5. Go into the storage.
6. Go into the elevator. Position your self in front of the tallest crate.
7. When you go up, quickly jump off onto the Crate.
8. Try opening sections of the wall. There is one square where the "wallpapae" is different. When that part opens, go down the passage way.
9. You will find yourself in an art room with pictures of the programmers.
10. In the center of the room is the logo of Digital Cafe.
11. There is also the #7 gun with amo there. That is not the only place in the game where you can recieve this gun. There are other eggs.

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Contributed By: Ray on 07-24-1999
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SuperSonic writes:
You don't even need to type in Scot Holman or what ever. Just find this key that let's you jump and press space and walk in and then your there
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This can be seen in the demo (to see the demo, wait a little bit without starting a game). The cheat is just to get past the door that needs the yellow key. You can find the key by going up stairs from the main room. Only one of the two rooms reached by the doors down the stairs. That secret door on the left side of the tunnel seen in the demo is fake. There is no such thing. However, in the room with the portraits you can find... The Large Area Zorch (LAZ) Device and a phasing zorcher pack! The LAZ device uses the same ammunition as the phasing zorcher (which you don't need to use the LAZ), but it takes forty ammunition per shot and is much more powerful. Also, the hardest level is "Extreme Ooze" and no cheats will work there.
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