Quake 2 Easter Egg - Alien Being Praised with 2 Girls All Over Him

1. This egg is on the final boss stage (map boss2)
2. Follow the same steps to find the designer's faces.
3. Step over all the buttons on the floor. There should be one in front of most of the faces.
4. Toss 1 grenade to the back of the room. This step can be skipped if the door opened automatically.
5. By the last face on the right (swinging face), you should see a open area on the floor with a ladder going down.
6. Go down the ladder, floow the hallway. You shold hear somewhat "kinky" sounds along the way.
7. Follow the hallway out to the room where there is a pool. You can swim across the pool or walk around, your choice.
8. From in this room, you will be able to see an alien with 2 women all over him and 2 soldiers praising him. No matter what you do, you can not kill him or the women, but you can kill the soldiers.
9. If you kill both the soldiers with 1 grenade, you will hear an "OH BABY!" being said.
10. Have Fun with it

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Contributed By: Chad S on 07-24-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: None
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real egg... its a party time :)
real egg... its a party time :)

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AJK writes:
If this isn't an easter egg, what is it, pray tell? Slipup? No. Cheat? No. Part of the game? I, uh, _don't_ think so. Therefore, it is an easter egg. What the hell ELSE could it be?
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shaveme writes:
They dont' say "Oh baby." You can open up the pak file using a Pak Explorer and see for yourself. They just moan and stuff.
8 of 10 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
snoopy writes:
erm, daboynblu - it IS an egg and yes they DO hide it!
3 of 6 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
khale writes:
umm..... 3 things. 1- im pretty sure that they do say something like "oh baby" or just "baby" 2- if they do say that they just do it, it has nothin to do with when you kill the prisoners. 3- for future referance, that is a tank commander
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