Quake Easter Egg - Correction for Nightmare Mode

1. Start a one player game
2. go to any difficulty (the more difficult the harder the Nightmare)
3. Enter episode 4. even if you have the trial version
4. When you start to sink in the water pit move backwards
5. When you land you'll land on a wooden 2x4. follow it to the door
6. Shoot the box. it activates a bug. the harder the original difiiculty you selected the harder the nightmare mode. if you don't shoot it it won't matter what difficulty you chose before its allways the same.
7. Walk through the door.
8. Select the episode of your choice
9. Have lots of fun in the hradest mode
10. Type in "God" (no quatations) in the console so you wont get slaghtered

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Contributed By: Skywalker Suprises on 07-24-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Quake regular and trial version
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kErMiT_401 writes:
The only difference I saw between 'Nightmare' and 'Hard' wasn't whether how many monsters there was in the level. There's the same amount of monsters. The only difference is that in 'Hard' the monsters just pop you once, walk around and pop you again. In 'Nightmare' there is no walking around. They just stand there and pop you with everything they've got. No delays.
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ildon writes:
the first of the skill slipgates has no effect on how difficult nightmare is. the message displayed when you hit that button is a reference to the dopefish secret. nightmare mode is still painfully easy. :P
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David Brooks writes:
That "Dead Tree" IS the Shub! You cant kill her (but she does bleed) with your weapons you have to teleport inside her where you'll hack your way out with your axe.
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misfire writes:
Yep. Already done that. Didn't get slaughtered. Of course, I live for carnage. P.S. Even though Reznor did the music and sound effects, it is somewhat limited. Thank goodness you can play CDs while you play. Put in a NIN, Marilyn Manson, or other heavy stuff, and go into Pure Aggression Mode! Kill Everything head on when they least expect you!
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Daniel writes:
The creators of the game (ID) put the portal to nightmare difficulty in a very hard place to find because they wanted you to go out of your way to find it knowing the consequences of what would happen. But i when i figured this out when i was like 7 - yes i started quake at 7, i found it very funny cos i was just bored and its amazing what you can find when you are bored. and for the other guy's post, you gotta kill sub niggorath with an axe, by going through the portal at the end somehow, it took me quite a while to find out how to kill it.
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seeker writes:
not on that matter but where THE HECK! is shub niggurath (i know in the pit) and that dead tree duin in there, what is it?
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TreXce writes:
Alright, Nightmare wasn't painfully easy, just pretty easy... can't believe how easy they used to make these games
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