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Okay. I've got two for ya...

1) When Buffy says 'Back off, Pink Ranger!' when they are in the middle of fighting, (before they know that they are both slayers) it is an obvious reference to the fact that Buffy's stunt double (Sophia Crawford) also used to do the stunts for Pink Ranger on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

2) This one is slightly more subtle. Buffy tells Kendra to watch the in-flight movie on her way home, except if its a 'movie with a dog in it and Chevy Chase.' This is a referral to 'Funny Farm'-a 1988 movie starring Chase that Gellar had a small, uncredited, role in.

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Contributed By: shamrock on 03-07-2000
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I have to agree with whoever said that the inside jokes came from "The Watcher's Guide, vol.1". Another "joke" was made in the 6th season episode "Once more with feeling". When Buffy learns that Dawn has be captured, she says, "It must be Tuesday", a reference to the show's airing on Tuesdays.
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Raistlin89 writes:
Here are a couple more subtle jokes that you missed. The first is a visual joke in "Killed By Death" season two; episode 18. Xander and Cordillia are arguing over Xander's wandering eyes and as she walks away she says "fine, watch my back!" Through the power of suggestion,(and the fact that it is Cordillia's back side) your eyes are drawn to her skirt. The camera then cuts to anouther scene where an older and less attractive skirt is in the same visual reference. Second, in the first episode of season six when Giles has decided to go back to England, the gang catches up with him and bring him gifts. Tara's gift is a little plastic monster that she bounce across the screen and says,"GRR-Argh" much like the monster logo at the end of every episode.
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shamrock writes:
okay, I recently got an e-mail saying that someone couldn't see Gellar in the film. Well, she did have a very small part, but she was in it. Check out the official website (www.buffy.com) if you want to check up on this. Sorry I can't tell you exactly where she appears in the film though! luv shamrock
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Jo_Buckton writes:
I am not a big Sarah Michelle Gellar fan, but in the movie 'Funny Farm'. Sarah is one of the little kids throwing snow at Chevy Chase's Character or its another little girl that looks alot like Sarah when she was younger. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you for you time. - Jo.....
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Goddess_Rae writes:
Even though it's in the book, isn't it possible that someone ACTUALLY noticed without reading the book? Wouldn't eeggs be pretty meaningless if no one ever got them without seeing them weren't all explained?
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kaletm writes:
Let's not forget Oh Heavenly Dog! which WAS a dog, and was anything BUT heavenly...
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Well, the movie credit is true. The best source, bar none, for movie/actor/director information is the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com). They were nice enough to list ALL actors in any given movie. Gellar played Madolyn Smith's student in "Funny Farm". http://us.imdb.com/Credits?0095188 is a link to the credits for the movie. As far as this being an eegg, it could just be a commentary on Chevy Chase films, and their recent quality (or lack thereof). He has a lot of bad luck with dogs on film, eg: Vacation, where he kills Aunt Edna's dog; and Caddyshack: after taking a shot, a dog can be heard yelping in the background, and Chase's winces, then shrugs.
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Cocershay writes:
We are told both of those eggs in "the watchers guide" by Chris Golden and Nancy Holder which you've obviously read. People, all you need to find out about this egg is the season guide.
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