Jet Force Gemini Easter Egg - The Mysterious Mr. Pants

Collect 300 insect heads with one character as you progress through the game. Once you do, you will recieve a cheat called "Ants As Pants". This turns all blue soldier drones into a weird-looking guy with a great big red pair of underpants. If you are wondering who or what he is, here is the explanation. At, the official website of Rareware (who made the game), the survey that you can fill out to give comments on the site is hosted by a guy called Mr. Pants, who is a poorly-drawn cartoon character who wears great big red underpants. A 3D version of him was put into Jet Force Gemini for this cheat.

Also, go to the planet Tawfret and the Castle level. Near the end of the castle (where there is a small river with pillars on either side), look around at the walls. If you look closely, you will see a picture of Mr. Pants in the wall, camoflauged to be the same colour.

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Contributed By: AskPete on 01-22-2000
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Special Requirements: Nintendo 64, Jet Force Gemini game
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I'm sick and tired of people calling things posted here not eggs. This is definetly an egg because its something that Rare added just for kicks.
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Dark Smurf writes:
Good ol' Mr. Pants, he sure does show up everywhere nowadays...
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Jacob B. writes:
Actually, that egg is both hidden and has personal significance to the creator. Don't forget, the creator of Mr. Pants was Leigh Loveday, the man who both works on the website and does text for Rare's games. That's kinda like saying "water isn't wet."
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Nancyboy writes:
Yeah, it's definitely an egg. The Rare people used a character from their web site and put it into the game. Rare does this all the time. Banjo-tooie had numerous mentions of other games like a Donkey-Kong doll, and pictures of Juno and Vela on the walls. Rare likes to use free advertising for their games and web site when ever they can.
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