Assassin's Creed Easter Egg - Cipher

At the end if you wait out hte credits you will be able to roam the rooms. There is a cipher on the floor(to see it use you eagle vision). I can't decode it but i bet someone else can. It reads:


another one reads:



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Contributed By: Nick B. on 06-25-2008
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@Foulkesy Actually, if you apply that logic to the whole thing (read bottom to top, right to left), you get: "artefactssenttothrskiestocontrolallnationstomakevsobeyahiddencr4sadedonothelptnem" Replace a few letters and the one number, add a couple spaces, and you get: "Artifacts sent to the skies to control all nations to make us obey a hidden crusade. Do not help them" The other one is still a complete mystery, besides the date
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Foulkesy writes:
on the first cipher, the last letter on each line are s t c a f e t r a, or put backwards, artefacts
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Chaos2454 writes:
The 2nd cipher reads: THEY DRAINED MY SOUL AND MADE IT THEIRS I DRAINED MY BODY TO SHOW YOU WHERE I SAW IT. You read it from bottom-right to top-left for each line. See? A D R H O O D T M W H B I T D O E U S Y S I N S E A R O O M R E A Y N R I S E Y T N I D L M I D E T W I H W Y I E A U D A Y H T
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Daniel writes:
Yeah... i was able to understand almost everything in that room using eagle vision, except for that... i havent understood a pattern to it... maybe someone will figure it out and add it to one of the "ending explained" forums FYI, i do happen to know what the numbers mean in your post.... 12212012 relates to the date a few months after this game takes place. The future/desmond storyline takes place in september, 2012, however, the 21st of december, 2012 is a very important date in both the game and real life.... in the game, "abstergo" corporation release a satellite containing one of the pieces of eden on this date in order to control how people see things. This is what is meant by "the launch" in the emails. however in real life, on the 21st of december, 2012, apparently some strange things are to happen such as earth quakes, etc.
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thatgirl. writes:
Actually, putting all these things together makes sense. the message says not to help artifacts sent to the sky. artifact sent to the sky: the satellite. Someone said the satellite for world control was going to be launched 12212012? Maybe this will cause the end of the world. If there is, indeed a satellite going to be launched out for world control, the Qu'ran will be accurate stating it will be a new era. Maybe we will be the cause of the end of the world ? It could be a thought. That message could be warning us. "do not help them" Just try and put all these things together, and it will make sense. but I don't know, Whatever happens happens I suppose. I mean, I wouldn't mind the Earth NOT ending in 2012. This was just my take on everyone's results on this mysterious message. (: It was like a puzzle, and I'm pretty sure there are more pieces to this whole 12212012 theory.
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Dan Grossman writes:
Yes, 12212012 is the final date in the Mayan calendar, but it is also the day that the satellite launches for world control.
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Mayan calendar ends at 2012, that may be the reason to all this rumors of "world end at 2012" (hope nothing bad happen)
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Lucas writes:
All the things about the Mayan calendar is true but i did some more research and i found out that 12212012 also relates to the Quran that relates to the change in the human race and a new era. Here is a video:
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Drake writes:
I have to agree with the number being a date, especially because in your room Quetzalcoatl is written on the wall, and there are drawing of Mayan temples on the floor.
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i think i figured out what this game is. its not a game at all its a warning because if you look on the back cover it has all these different blurbs but look at the one of him on a horse i think it reads something like this: explore the holy land in a quest to expose an ancient conspiricy. if you reconstruct what some of the areas are it resembles a mayan village. the mayanisian people beleived that gods would end the world on the same date (guess) in 12012. and when reading the comments that have been posted by the other people you might want give this theory some thought.
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Wow thnx for all this information, i truly am starting to believe we have a very corrupt government. i pray to God everyone starts to change their spiritual beliefs before 12 21 2012. and i was talking to my brother last night about this and he also said that on 12 21 2012 president Obama will be out of office. how convenient.
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