Far Cry Easter Egg - Stranded Victim

This is by far one of the most entertaining eggs I've ever found or seen. After completing "Instincts" you'll then be able to play the "Predator" storyline (if you want to skip straight to Predator use this code in the cheats menu: GiveMeItAll). After beginning the chapter entitled "Pirate Enclave 2" you'll have to cause disruptions on various islands before searching for Kade. You'll have some freedom from here on out. After heading up the hill behind this area (where you landed in the plane) you'll have the full opportunity.

Once you have access to the open seas get your bearings and head North using your compass. You'll want to find the tiny island that is the northernmost in this whole map, its actually in the NW. Swing around the backside on a vehicle and you'll approach a beach with the word "H-E-L-P-!" written in giant stones. You'll find a dead person taking shelter in a hollowed out boat up near the foliage. Up on the cliff you'll see a creature that has not last appeared in the series since the end of Instincts (so how did it get out here?). These creatures, afflicted like Jack are not to be seen in Predator as I've played it through.

By far the most enteraining aspect of this egg was what I percieved to be just that. Once on this beach look on the NE side of the sand covered surface area. Mounted on a tree stump is was appeared to me, at first, to be a blood covered egg of some sort with straw jutting out of it. Well I soon realized upon backing up that it is none other than WILSON FROM THE FILM CASTAWAY, complete with straw hair and bloody print for a face. Here the print is actually a foot print, I thought it was a hand in the film but nonetheless....Ubisoft rules.

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Contributed By: JPhinfan86 on 10-24-2007
Reviewed By: David Wolf
Special Requirements: Far Cry Instincts Predator for 360
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Pictures and Videos

These round stones spell This is the Here is the stranded victim - inside the hallowed boat.
These round stones spell "HELP" This is the "Wilson" ball - complete with straw hair. Here is the stranded victim - inside the hallowed boat.
Here is the zombie - on the cliff above the victim. He shouldn't be here.
Here is the zombie - on the cliff above the victim. He shouldn't be here.

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JPhinfan86 writes:
I'm not sure but if you're implying I copied this off of another site and that there couldn't possibly be two people who found this then you've got to be slow. The images were taken by me and the site was found simply by jet skiing around, I'm part of a large group that has seen the movie "Castaway" so connecting the dots isn't difficult - the same goes for the many other eggs I've EVER submitted. If I've not found it myself I haven't posted it.
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Slayer 206 writes:
1: the game you are talking about is far cry instincts: evolution Two: I have found this on a cheat site and as far as I know by this sites rules you must not copy this off another site if you want proof look at www.cheating.co.nz 3: Far cry instincts: predator is a 360 game and is completely different to evolution
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