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Suicidal Troll
Head to the "Mouth of the Panther" (you can fast travel if you discovered it or if you started "Forlorn Watchman" quest) head north until you reach a bride and highwayman kill the highwayman and then head under the bridge. The troll is in the water and on it is a suicide note

Arena Signs
The signs for the Arena in the Imperial City is the original cover for the Elder Scrolls 1 Arena. Cool lil bit of nostalgia

Haunted House
Head over skingrad and hunt down Naestraels house (spelling may be wrong) but across from it is the Haunted House. Just break in a be greeted by ghosts

Black Dog Camp
This may be a reference to the Led Zepplin song (Im guessing it is). Just cool to find it. Nothing special in it. Just cool

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Contributed By: Oompa of Death on 03-24-2007
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, racedogg2
Special Requirements: Oblivion Game (Xbox 360 or PC)
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Arena Poster ~Reeseras Suicidal Troll ~Reeseras
Arena Poster ~Reeseras Suicidal Troll ~Reeseras

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The suicidal troll is a reference to Billy Goats Gruff. In the story the 3 goats trick the troll to let them over the bridge without paying the "bridge toll" the suicide note says. I'm a rubbish troll i can't even get money from goats. If you think I'm just saying Billy Goats Gruff. What other stores do trolls jump out from under bridges and ask for a 'bridge toll"?
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