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"Has anyone else noticed the strange person who appears to share the flat with the guys. If you look carefully in the first five episodes you can see a mysterious person with long black hair who appears sitting against walls in the background of
quite a few scenes. He has his hair over his face but it looks like another hippy. Once you have noticed him he is very obvious! Places I remember seeing him are sitting to the left of the screen in Interesting when Vyv tries the new vacuum cleaner, behind Mike in Demolition when he's reading the TV Times and in Boring, he's next to the cupboard when the old guy comes out from under the stairs." -- (Simon Jansen)

"The best places to see him are (in Demolition) when Rik sits down to watch Nozin' Aroun'... and (in Bomb) when Vyv hits Neil over the head with the kettle that has killed itself rather than be used by Neil. It's no teddy bear - it's another hippie! It's not a corpse either - it's in a sitting position and holding its hands. I have no explanation, but as he appears in Bomb and Demolition (the only eps I have so far examined for evidence), and these eps were made over six months apart, it's not a one-off thing - there must be a reason!" -- (Ryan Mooney)

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Hippie background Group Photo
Hippie background Group Photo
Hippy head & feet in episode Intresting Hippy in episode Oil The extra hippy in Bomb
Hippy head & feet in episode Intresting Hippy in episode Oil The extra hippy in Bomb

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I've noticed this guy! I don't think he's an extra housemate as some people have suggested because when Neil tries to kill himself, and his gallows sets the record player to play 'Rock around the Clock' Rick says, 'Well, that's put the rent up by a third.' So the guy isn't a rent-payer. Considering they are students and seem to be complete bread-heads, I doubt they'd let some guy use the house free of charge! Also, they didn't tell him that the house was going to be demolished, something I'd like to know if I was him! He didn't move in with the guys in Oil, another moment I'd rather have liked to participate in! Seeing as the guys seem to collect kitschy junk ie. the panda on the top of the stairs, I reckon he's a mannequin. Or given the Young Ones track record, maybe he's just there to confuse everybody, and get tongues wagging. And as Rick would say, that means we've fallen right into their trap, like the fascists we are...
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giles writes:
Two suggestions who this person could be, 1.Neil's hippy mate "War lock" who was always spaced out on cannabis, could he have floated into the house on the odd occasion? 2.A chap called "Trevor". Why? I hear you say. In the episode where Rick wakes up next to a girl, he asks mike at the breakfast table why he should need five cups for the tea, childishly referring to his girlfriend upstairs.Mike quickly replied "the extra cup will be for Trevor who lives in the bin".Right on matey!!
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max20006 writes:
Maybe its a ghost of the last tennant there? I mean, no one seems to notice him.
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FionaB writes:
I have spotted this person in the first five episodes. It is definitely not a manequin as he/she runs past the door and in another scene up the stairs in the episode "interesting". There is quite a good shot of them in "interesting", sitting next to (not on) the giant sandwich. In this scene it looks like a girl but it could be just a really feminine guy. I think that this person has either been put in just to screw with peoples heads or they could be a ghost that was haunting the set which just showed up on the film. This could be why I only noticed it a week ago (sending my on an internet quest for answers!) when I have been watching the series since I was in primary school.
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The Bishop writes:
Quite correct! I have only checked the two episodes mentioned ("Bomb" and "Demolition"), but am in the process of searching the others for the mystery guy!
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Barry writes:
It is not Neil. If you watch the episode "Demolition" Neil is in the toilet, (Vyv - "The house is getting demolished by the council" Neil - "Well thats no need to hassle me on the toilet"!) and at the same time the 5th roommate is downstairs. I think I heard somewhere that its either a squatter living under the lads noses, or someone dumped there by Balowski the landlord. Either way, its a puzzler!.
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He also appears in the episode where they have the party and Neil goes into orbit after smoking a bong. ("Aaaaah, Houston, we have an unidentified flying hippie") I can't remember the name of the episode though. I always thought that he was Neil's friend...
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chris writes:
I see where you are coming from, and I haven't checked them all out, but I did see it in boring where there was someone sitting next to the stairs at the beginning, but does he ever appear in shot at the same time as Neil? If not, perhaps it is Neil, I might be wrong.
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