Super Smash Bros. Melee Easter Egg - Language Switching Fun!

1.ON the main screen select options.
2.Select Languages.
3.Switch to Japanese.
4.Press B, then Up, then A, Then down twice, Then hit A.
5.You will be at the Trophy Collection screen. Look in the backround. You will see 3 item that are not in the backround in English.They are:
A Virtual Boy next to the sunflowers, a Famicom where a NES would be in english and a Super Famicom where the SNES would be.
6.Now switch back to english.
7.Go to the Trophy Collection screen.
8.Look in the backround again. You will see a box for the older version of SSB next to the N64. In the N64, a old SSB game will be.

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Contributed By: Missingno. on 08-21-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: Gamecube, US Super Smash Bros. Melee Disc
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Also of note, Mewtwo speaks in real words when you switch to Japanese. What language, I can't tell.
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Jake writes:
Also, look at the characters while in japanese language, Bowser is Koopa, and Jigglypuff is Purin, since that is their japanese names
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This egg seems not to work with European (PAL) versions, because they have different language selections.
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Kris writes:
I don't really think this is an egg, but rather just wanting to diplay the right machines for the right people. I mean, some Americans don't know what the white Famicom is because it was released in Japan only, so I think Nintendo did it to avoid displaying something that wasn't even sold in the United States.
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