Styx- Mr. Roboto (Kilroy Was Here) Easter Egg - Hidden (Sort of) Little Tidbit

This one's for all the Styx fans out there. Actually, knowing enough about this site by now, it's probably going to be extremely obvious and I'll be shot down for it, but I thought I'd try this anyway. Won't kill me, right?

Okay, here's the thing. You know the Mr. Roboto (Kilroy Was Here) music video? At the beginning of the vid, you see this guy (one of the members of the band) walk in looking all wary, and at one point he walks past a stand. If you look carefully enough, it says "Kilroy Kills". This is actually stemmed from the story that was created for the album, and also (I've heard) used for little live productions of the story. I think it's basically about this one rock-God kind of character that was enormously popular, until this nazi-like guy comes in and tries to censor all the rock'n'roll music stuff. So, in one of this head honcho's little gatherings, Kilroy steps in and goes a little wild, eventually killing somebody (ouch). It's a completely made up story. But, if you read the inside of the original record album at least, you'll be able to read more about it. I'm afraid I'm offering you a very poor summary here.

So anyway, that's pretty much it. I've never seen this mentioned on here before, so I thought I'd add it anyway. It really creeped me out when I first discovered it. Brr. lol (If that was a complete waste of your time to read after all, please people, don't shoot me down. I happen to be very new here and so many folks around this place can be so very... straight-laced? AHhh, I'll shut up now).

Have a sweet day. ;)

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-21-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: Nothing, really. Slow-mo and pause button, perhaps. It's a tad obvious.
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