Invader ZIM Easter Egg - Hidden Scenes from 'The Nightmare Begins'

To find this Egg you watch "Tak the Hideous New Girl" on your DVD player. Skip ahead to the scenes where Tak is describing how ZIM ruined her life. When she is in the room with the control brain (the large object in front of her with a lot of eyes) look closely at the small screen on the control brain. Something is playing on it in two scenes. It is best if you watch it in slow motion. The little animation playing on the screen is actually a few scenes from "The Nightmare Begins"! It is the part to wards the beginning when it shows the scenes of Conventia. Comparing screen shots will help show it is indeed footage from "The Nightmare Begins"

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  8.1/10 with 14 votes
Contributed By: iyazim on 03-24-2005
Reviewed By: Gamer Sly-Ratchet, Awabdesu
Special Requirements: Invader ZIM: Tak the Hideous New Girl, Standard Video/DVD Remote
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