Disneyland Easter Egg - Some More Disneyland Eggs

The hidden Mickeys are fairly well-known, but there are some more fun items in Disneyland that are much less well-known.

1. All three of Disneyland's original ticket booths are inside the park somewhere. I'll tell you where one of them is, maybe you can find the other two! They have been painted over or changed to look like other parts of the park, but they are there. You can tell because they should have cracks indicating where the back door and the front window used to be in each one.

There's a rather large mushroom as you wait for the Alice in Wonderland ride. Pay close attention to it. It is actually an original Disneyland ticket booth.

See if you can find the other two!

2. As you twist and turn through the long introduction to the Indiana Jones ride, pay special attention to the area where the movie is being shown on the film projector. Don't pay special attention to the movie, but to the projector itself, high up on the back part of the room. Just above the projector is a wooden, whitewashed sign. This sign is actually from the old Eeyore parking lot that was torn up before they put in the large parking garage they have now. I've heard that these signs are well-hidden all throughout the park, but this is the only one I've managed to find. The sign is visible to the naked eye, but because of the light from the film projector, you can't see the writing unless you have binoculars.

There are hundreds of fun facts, hidden Mickeys, and other eggs hidden in Disneyland, and every time I go I manage to find a few more that I didn't know about. But it's tough to find them if you don't look. So keep your eyes peeled!

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Contributed By: stlblues5 on 08-14-2004
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Special Requirements: going to Disneyland, binoculars
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Jessie writes:
I found the other two ticket booths. One is the lighthouse by storybook canal boats. The other one is the train depot.
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TheAzureSky writes:
Hey actually to tack another one on well, you know how the Winnie the Pooh ride replaced that one show? Well right after the "heffalump" dream section of the ride if you look behind you and UP you will see a moose head leftover from the previous attraction =P
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maid7 writes:
I have never been to disneyland before but if I do ever go I will try this egg. Also if you go to www.disneylies.com it'll tell you fake but intresting facts about disneyland, walt disney and other things.
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Nailz writes:
You actually need a flashlight to see the Indiana Jones eyore sign easter egg. Orignial booths sound like a fun thing to look for next time I go! I didnt know one of the orignial ticket booths was a mushroom? Or did they redo it to look like a mushroom?
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razz writes:
This is a very easy egg to find if you know what your looking for. In the Magic Castle when you walk therw there is a goldan spike in the ground. this spike marks the very middle of the park.
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pasta writes:
1.this may be kind of obvis not through sight but mind in the the mater horn there are steps carved in too the side 2.in the top pf the matter horn there is a half basket ball court http://www.snopes.com/disney/parks/matterho.asp (i rate this a 7)
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