Sims, The Easter Egg - Tragic Clown!

You also need the Sims Livin' it Large Expansion pack.

Ok, first make a house in the Sims, it doesn't matter what you put in it, as long as you put the picture of the sad clown up on the wall. Make your sim get depressed, and the clown from the picture will come to life. It does no good in cheering up your sim however, in fact it's extrememly annoying. If your sim tries to go to sleep, it'll either pop a balloon, or cough to wake your sim up. You have the choice to slap the clown, and be as mean as possible to it, but it NEVER LEAVES. The only way i've found to get rid of it is to use the move_objects on cheat, and get rid of it.

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Contributed By: Ebit on 06-24-2004
Reviewed By: Boneho Chane
Special Requirements: The Sims + Livin' it up expansion
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rimfire writes:
The clown catchers are available from Maxis as an add-on. There is also a clown alarm available that summons the catchers as soon as the clown shows up.
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Pmm32183 writes:
It is possible to get rid of the clown without doing the move_object. The first way is to put the picture over the fire place and keep lighting it, eventually the picture will set fire, and the game will zoom in on the clown and it shows him burning to death. A second way is to get on the phone and call the Clown Catcher. (I think this is only in later versions of the game.)
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abbytherat writes:
If you buy the clown picture and your sims happiness rating goes too low, the tragic clow will show up to make their lives worse. The only way to get rid of him normally is to raise the sim's happiness. he will se he is no longer needed and leave. the other ways are to download the clown catchers(VERY FUNNY) or set his picture on fire by either putting it over a fireplace or just setting a fire in the general area and letting stuff burn till it reaches the picture. This is the most fun and challenging way (if, of course, you don't value your sims or their belongings). I suggest setting off fireworks indoors.
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Black Storm writes:
Yes, you can put it over the fire, but another way to do it is to get a magical genie lamp, place it anywhere in the house, make one of your sims rub it, and the picture will be set on fire, sending the clown wherever it goes when it dies.
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Nuskradovich writes:
It's been a while since I played, but I'm sure my clown left once. He got a black disk, threw it on the floor to make a hole and jumped through.
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Batman writes:
Yeah, I don't think it's an easter egg. I found it very easily on a professional website. But, then again, I'm not sure. I thought you didn't even need the picture to make the clown show up. That's just me.
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hermione 127 writes:
This is not hidden. Anyone who buys that stupid picture and neglects thier sims will see that bozo. And you need The Sims Livin' Large Expansion, not just The Sims.
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