Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Easter Egg - Big the Cat

turn on your game cube and enter the story mode on SA2B. You must have story mode scene select open for the hero side. Enter the scene select and scroll down to the "Egg Golem" scene. A cutscene will begin. Press the "A" button rapidly. In the beginning of the scene, a big door opens. When you repeatedly press "A", someone will jump down into the doorway. It's Big the Cat!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-15-2003
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Story mode scene select on the game.
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TheMagic#27 writes:
This cool little trick also works in the cutscene before you fight Bio Lizard the first time. Just press the A button over and over and over from the time the cutscene starts. I noticed it while Amy was taking to herself about how she shouldn't whine, and how everyone else was doing their best and so should she. He runs by quite a few times in the background.
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dude_of_meh writes:
Big can be found in most cut scenes in the Gamecube version if you press A or tap A and B. And every level in the old Dreamcast version.
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I've only seen Big on Mission Street, and it was only becuse i messed up on a jump with tails and fell down and died. But he sits there waiting to point and laygh at you as you slowly hover to your death.
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Jake_Davis writes:
I never saw Big in the Biolizard cutscene after pressing A or in the background when Amy gave her retarded speech.
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