Gameday 98 Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

Cheat Codes - Go to the code menu, and enter
any of the following:

ahab - cuts off players lower legs

air attack - CPU always throws

bettis - tougher ball carrier

big boy - larger players

big foot - stronger kicker

blind ref - lower amount of penalties

busy ref - more penalties

cloud of dust - CPU always runs

cookie cutter - makes players 2-D

cpu defense - better computer defense

cpu offense - better computer offense

credits - shows the game credits

crunch time - tougher defense

deep gray - smart cpu

equal teams - makes both teams equal

fire drill - makes the game run faster

flat land - makes players flat

flea circus - players fast and tiny

gd challenge - computer plays harder

gloves - receivers are able to hold on to more passes

hatchet - runner is harder to tackle

horsemen - no heads

humongous - bigger players

invisible - shows only player shadows

jack hammer - more aggressive defense

juice - CPU faster runner

leech - better pass coverage

look ma - players have no hands

loud mouth - makes announcer louder

mcmahon - all the players have the same name

nyse - juices swim move

psychic - cpu cheats on every play

quiet crowd - fans are quieter

rejection - jump super high

show off - when you dive, press jump to do a roll and keep running

stretch - better one hand catches

thin air - makes kicks go higher

toast - pass coverage is weaker

tricky cpu - cpu runs fake field goals

virtual polygons - two-dimensional flat players

watery ai - stupid cpu

All codes are lower-case and be sure to use the spaces!!!

At the team select screen, hit the up button and you will
see Super Bowl 1 Packers. This gives you all the Super
Bowl teams. Hit up again and you will get all the
All-Star teams. To get these teams on the home side
press down instead of up.

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Contributed By: Sypher on 11-04-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Playstation Console
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