Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Easter Egg - A Huge List of Eggs

I got this game for the Playstation2 when it first came out, and I'm just now finding eggs. So here's a list of the ones I found:

1. In the back of the Foundry level, look through the right window on the back wall to see a guy trying to get "Neversoft Juice" out of a soda machine.

2. On the Canada level, bury the bully. When the guys start throwing snowballs at the bully, listen to the bully. At one point, the bully will shout, "Hey! That snowball was yellow!"

3. On the Canada level, turn down the music volume and go to the halfpipe the you can raise up. Once your there, look at the quarter pipe to the right of it; There's a guy peeing into the lake! Listen to him. He says some funny stuff.

4. On the Suburbia level, from the start, go left, and jump over the nearest staircase. On the porch, is a door that will keep opening and closing. When it opens, you can see two monster's eyes. If you touch the porch, the door will slam close! Don't touch the porch, and face the door. When it opens all the way, leap over the porch and get inside the house. You will hear a monster growl, and you will die. Also, the screen will show: "Ahhhhhhhhh!"

5. Play as the secret character "Demoness" and repeat step 4. Instead of "Ahhhhhhhhh!" it will say "Welcome Home!" That means that this is the Demoness' house!

6. Play as the secret character "Demoness" and go see "The Thin Man" on the Suburbia level. Hearts will fly all around him. This proves this is Demoness's husband and house.

7. On the Skater Island level; go on the pirate ship. Go to the left quarter pipe and try to stall on the surpporting stick above it. Once you do this, a pirate and a bird on his sholder will be visible. They'll say funny stuff.

8. Also on the pirate ship on the Skater Island level, go to the back wall of the ship. The cruise ship can be seen.

9. On the cruise ship there is a pretty good egg. First I recommend you turn the music all the way down. I also prefer to go to Free Skate Mode because this might take a while. You must destroy every single piece of glass in the green-house. Then you will hear the anounncer get beat up on the intercom. Then you hear him get thrown out the window. An alternate anounncer will come on claming he is the real anounncer and that was an imposter. He says everything the other one did, but this egg is pretty neat!

10. Play as Wolverine, Darth Maul, Officer Dick, Private Carrera, Ollie The Magic Bum, or Demoness. Then go to a place with alot of people. Then try to run into someone and make them jump out of the way. As soon as the person dose, turn around and face the person. If you're Wolverine, the person will get in fighting position. If you're Daul Maul, the person will float in the air and will choke. If you're Officer Dick, the person will be traped in an invisible jail. If your Pivate Carrera, the person will dance and say stupid things. If you're Ollie The Magic Bum, the person will act drunk. If you're Demoness, the person will strink for the rest of the run; (All the other things only work for about 3 seconds.)

I think there's more, so keep looking! Thanks for reading!

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Contributed By: Boneho Chane on 05-23-2002
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Special Requirements: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for any system
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Bartman writes:
If you lip trick right where the peeing guy is in Canada, you will make him fall off the edge!
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Boneho Chane writes:
These are eggs. If you consider the list of Max Pain eggs are real eggs, than so are these. Anyway, I'm adding on to my list of eggs by posting these two here. 1. On the Fountry level, turn down the music volume and head to the lava pit, (towards the back of the area.) Once your on there, head to the small control panel room. Now if you look through the windows of the room, the man inside will use the control panel as a turn-table, and will sing a little beat. 2. On the Suburbia level, turn down the music volume. From the start, turn to the right until you see the constuction site. Stop in front of the two constuction workers. Every once in a while one will pull off a big fart and the other will say a silly comment back.
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Kevin writes:
ok, when you start up any level in career mode and when it is almost done loading hit START really fast and then you can explore the level 3D!!! believe me, when you GET it to WORK, you'll love it!!!!
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daunrealist writes:
In the last egg, when you mention the person doind different things, the person in the skateshop at the main menu does these too.
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More eeggs! 1. IN LA there is a liquor store with a drunk dude out front. Knock him over, he says funny stuff, like "chocolate sauce" and "that's not really friendly!" 2. PLAY AS any of the secret characters. When you get a stat point, it is something else, like Private Carrera's "Demerit Points" or Wolverine's "Mutation Points" or Officer Dick's "DOnut Points" and Maul's "Force Points".
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Boneho Chane writes:
On Suburbia, every time you enter the trailer park, an airplane flys by. If you launch yourself out of the halfpipe closest to the fence and land on the cockpit of the airplane when it's near, you suddenly fall 500 feet into the halfpipe and get a secret gap called "What? No parachute?" There was a hint to this gap in the Primagames guide, but it didn't tell you exactly how to get it. On the airport, from the start, jump into the moving belt behind the right desk, and you'll be taken outside to a helicopter launch pad. If you grind the the helicopter's blades it will take off. This is possiblily a reference to THPS2, because there was a helicopter on the first level and if you grind it's blades it takes off. In a EGM article, there was an interview with one of the creators of this game and he mentioned how fake the helicopter take off was in THPS2, and how much better it would be if it was in THPS3.
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two more eeggs! if you smack into one of those "usless" extra people at levels you will find that they are not as usless as you thought.if you stay near them after smacking them, they will say something funny like "You better start running!"it's really funny. here is the 2nd eegg,if you look at the of th e two guys at the barbeque at Suburbia, ou will find that he he is the bully from canada!(the bully is so fat, you fall if you hit him!)
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ace writes:
Personally, I have no 3D videocard for my computer, so I can't check out some of your eggs. However I know an egg that mightn't fit the criteria: On the Foundry, unjam all the valves. The door will open at the back. Go through and from the top grind to the bottom. You might want Perfect Rail on. Sometimes on my computer the ground at the very bottom disappears and the men will just float across the top! Also you can't ride along. So if you drown in the pool you will be stuck for a very long time!
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Boneho Chane writes:
Phil! Those are glitchs! Total, 100% glitches! Listen, here's your misception on your first so called egg: When you jump into a certian part, your skater gets stuck! Then the game starts screwing up! And before you know, the skater starts acting up! Second so called egg misception: You're not supposed to jump over the fence! The programers placed a hidden invisible wall that blocks you from going over the fence! But the invisble wall ends at a certain point in the air. By using the code, all you're doing is jumping over the high invisible wall! So you're basically breaking the rules! Athough it was quite interesting to watch my skater crash through the ground and going nuts!
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daunrealist writes:
A lot of these are not actually eggs. At least, i don't think so. They are not what I would consider "hidden."
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On the Los Angeles level, go up to the two dudes next to the purple quarter pipe and turn down the MUSIC volume. They will have an arguement and then one of them will make comments on the other dudes mother! the other dude will then kick his ass! happy hunting!
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Phil writes:
Alrigt, if all the things before mine are eggs then this is the motherload. Ok, in Rio you can basically get almost any where!!! 1. Go to the wall segmet past the fence where you go to the empty pool (if your looking at it, it should be to the right). It's a little tricky but you can wall grind over the little divider (Note: if you can't do this then just put in moon physics). If you go straight you will bounce off an invisible wall. Go to the corner where the two "invisible" walls meet. Get in as far as possible. Then start jumping a LOT. Sooner or later you should start to bounce back and fourth without having to jump. After about mabey 5 mins you will have slowly bounced to about 300 ft above the ground!!! TWO. First you need moon physics ON for this to work. There are two places where you can do this. First, find the metal fence with grass beyond. Go behind one of the little bump things and face the house just right of the green. Get as much speed as possible and jump off the bump, over the fence and you should hit the side of the house. Have fun!!! (Rember the grass is always greener on the other side) Finally, find the building with a big red roof. Do the same thing, get behing the bump, jump off it, but this time you have to have a bit more accuracy. If you go to far you will just bounce off and if you go too short you will hit the side of the building. Once you go through the roof you can go anywhere behind the other buildings!!!
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