Exorcist, The Easter Egg - Subliminal Father!

There is another subliminal message in the excorcist, other than the skull and crossbones. At several points in the movie, the face of the priest excosizing Reagan flashes onscreen.
In the flashes, he looks possessed himself, his face is white, and he is wearing special contacts. They are very fast flashes, but you should be able to see them if you watch carefully!

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Contributed By: Willyl on 10-21-1999
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Springerboy writes:
It's not Father Karras's face, it's the face of Linda Blairs double, Eileen Dietz. In trying to perfect the 'possessed' make-up for Linda, they experimented with 5-6 different looks which were all tested on Eileen Dietz. The 'white-ghoul' face (often mistakenly referred to as the 'skull-and-crossbones') was one of the rejected make-ups. Director William Freidkin inserted two shots of Eileen in this make-up into the final cut, once in Father Karras' dream sequence, and once super-imposed onto Linda Blairs face during the final exorcism scenes. The face was never meant to symbolize Father Karras, and it was only used in the dream sequence to jar the viewer during an otherwise sleepy nightmare. Friedkin did use subliminal *techniques* in the film (like using light to deliberately contrast positive scenes from negative ones), but he never used any direct subliminal frame-insertions. If you can consiously SEE it, it's not subliminal, is it? :) Read one of the many books on the making of the Exorcist for more info, or better yet buy it on DVD for the 75 minute making-of documentary where all this stuff is explained.
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This was an interesting egg, only because in researching it I came across another egg that noone has mentioned before. This is on the un-cut "The Version You've Never Seen" DVD, Scene #44. This is the scene where Karras is beating up Regan and "The Demon" enters his body, he falls backward.(Note you must have this in slow motion or you will never catch it.) As he is falling his left arm goes up and his face slowly drops from the screen. just as this happens for a split second you see a figure appear from behind his left arm, and then moves offscreen. I managed to freeze frame on this figure and could make out a short figure with a white face and brown, frizzy hair wearing all black. It's blurry so fast that at normal speed would easily be mistaken for his arm, but when done at super slow speed you can easily see that they are two seperate people. I have not read of this cool glimpse anywhere else, but it certainly adds a cool new scary moment in the movie. Enjoy!
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fluffy writes:
I saw this too. I don't think this is an egg. Just a thing put in the movie to make you get more freaked out. But thats just my piont of veiw.
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Miki writes:
Yeah, me and my friends all watched this movie and practically screamed whenever the faces came on the screen. There were about five of us watching at the time, which proves how noticeable they are, which proves they are meant to be seen, but not subliminally because subliminal messages are very brief and usually your conscious mind doesn't register them. Also, they are just there to add to the effect of the movie.
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Darksouls writes:
Ok I'm gonna sum it up for once and for all, these aren't Subliminal Messages, I watched "The Excocist: The Version You've Never Seen" this morning and all the things are definetely put in there on purpose just to freak you out and to make you get all scared and whatever. I noticed five of these little things when watching the film: 1. The first one is when the little girl (Reagan?) is at the doctors, there is one bit where she is laying down on a bed there and at the foot of the bed there is a nurse doing something, the girl is just staring into nothing and (I think) her eyes widen. Then it quickly changes to a black screen with a person in the middle of it, he or she is wearing white makeup, has pointy teeth and has a thick red outline around his or her eyes. He kinda growls with his teeth and it goes back to the girl again. 2. The second message is when the Priest is dreaming, he sees his Mum at the subway enterance, it flicks to the pale person again and then it goes back to the subway scene and the Lady/the priests Mum walks down the stairs. 3. When the Possed Girl's (Reagan is it?) Mum opens the door and goes into the house, the phone is ringing and the lights are flickering, the Mum answers the phone and there's no one there, she walks closer to the camera, the lights cut out for longer than before, when they come back on, to the right of the screen there is a face and it dissapears in a few seconds. 4. Just after that scene, when she opens the door to her daughter's (Is it Reagan!?) room, just before she opens the door there's an orange face on the door, like a pumpkin. 5. When the Excorcism is being performed, the girl (REAGAN?!) is tossing and turning and suddenly, her face changes to the figure again, the head is in the excact same position as her's, the head is there for about a second and goes back to the girls (REAGANS!!) These can't be there for subliminal reasons, anyway, what's it going to make you do? Go out and buy a demon? It's there to make the film a bit more freaky and they were taken out of the film because people were pooing their panties along with the spider-stair scene. Basically, it's there to make you poo yourself. It makes the film even better. I reckon the figure is the demon who possed the girl (Reagan?) and the Priest. Probably Captain Howdy, I don't know, but the way the figure first comes up, I reckon she can actually see him right then, I reckon her eyes widen because she can see him and he's in her mind... He's growling or grinning because he's either scaring her or smiling because he's in her. Or actually, them images could be the demon warning them, telling them that he or she or it is going to possess them, it could be warning the girl (Reagan?) who I think sees it and then it could be warning the priest who I think sees it in his dream. I mean, it's not as if they can do anything about it but yeah, this could be the producer of the film warning the audience. Who knows? I reckon the Girl (Reagaaaaaaan) sees the Demon inside her in the scene at the doctors, I reckon the Demon is taunting the Priest in the dream because his Mum is dead, and I reckon that when the girl (Reagan!) is tossing and turning during the Excorcism and you see it then, I reckon, it's her, because it's in the excact same position as she was before it changed, it's her! She's been possessed by that figure, probably Captain Howdy! That's my opinion on it and that's what I really think happens in the film. Thank you, good night.
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Skova writes:
SpringerBoy: The messages are subliminal this way you described. But if you are looking for eeggs, you should be able to FIND the message. In fact, from a certain point of view, eeggs ARE subliminal messages.
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Dave writes:
Here's an idea....How about before we submit comments about the EXORCIST we watch our spelling so we dont look like fools when submitting comments?
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