E.T. Easter Egg - Programmer's Initials

Collect 7 Reece's Pieces and give them to Elliot (In order to do this, you may have to first collect 9 pieces, call Elliot, and quickly eat 2 pieces before he reaches you). Collect the three phone pieces on your own. Before calling home, look for a wilted flower in one of the wells. Stand in front of it and "heal" it by using your neck-stretching power. The flower will turn into a Yar [from Yar's Revenge, HSW's first Atari game] and fly away. Complete the round. Do the same thing next round (7 pieces to Elliot; heal the flower). This time, the flower turns into Indiana Jones [HSW's second Atari game]. Complete the round once again. On the third time through, nothing will appear when you heal the flower. However, when you complete the round, the initials "HSW3" will appear at the house. HSW stands for Howard Scott Warshaw, the game's programmer. He included Easter Eggs in all three of his games: Yar's Revenge (HSWWSH), Raiders of the Lost Ark (HSW2, and a Yar), and finally E.T. (HSW3, a Yar, and Indy).

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Contributed By: Mark Androvich on 04-14-2002
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Special Requirements: Atari 2600 game E.T. by Atari
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AS writes:
You'd need more than a shovel to find an intact copy of this game. It's true that millions of unwanted Atari cartridges were buried in the desert, but they were smashed by steamrollers, and then sealed under a concrete slab. This link has an explanation: http://www.snopes.com/business/market/atari.htm
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Solid Mario writes:
Thats why E.T is a considered a rare game. A quick trip to Ebay will show that people are starting to make a little bit of cash off the world's worst game.
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You actually played that game? Here's a halarious fact about the game E.T. for Atari. (I saw this in a gaming magazine) When the game came out, no one wanted to buy it, it was so boring and stupid, that the company that made it began to give it away for free. Even then nobody wanted the game so the company just went out to a landfill in New Mexico and dumped all these games in there. So if you want a copy of the game, grab a shovel and start digging.
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