No Alternative (Compilation) Easter Egg - Hidden Nirvana Track

Put the CD in your player, and go to track #19. On the CD tracklisting there is no information of any Nirvana tracks on the disc. The track list also only goes to track #18. The song "Verse, Chorus, Verse" is the hidden track and it is one of Nirvana's best kept secrets!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-16-1999
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DeRFSuCKS writes:
The track wasn't really meant to be "hidden," per se. "No Alternative" came out at almost the exact same time as "In Utero," and Cobain didn't want any more attention brought to his band than absolutely had to be. I vaguely remember reading something to the effect of him not wanting it to seem like Nirvana was trying to bleed fans dry of money by releasing two things at once like that, but I've really got no clue as to what the real case was there. Everyone knew that the Nirvana track was going to be on the album (cassettes, too) ... Oddly enough, does anyone else appreciate the fact that "No Alternative" had two bonus songs if you bought the CASSETTE version as opposed to the CD? I always liked that, even if I do understand the logic behind it (having to shave two songs off the CD for time restrictions)
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marcus writes:
The song is not Verse Chorus Verse. It is called Sappy. There was much debate over the name of this song. In the end, it turns out that the song commonly referred to as In His Hands (No studio release of it is available, Only soundcheck recordings. However some believe it was recorded during the Nevermind sessions.) is really Verse Chorus Verse and The song Commonly called Verse Chorus Verse is really called Sappy. -Markuz
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vonbontee writes:
And speaking of Nirvana howsabout that 15-minute gap between "Something in the way" & "Endless Nameless (?)" on Nevermind? Totally startled me 1st time I played it, just like Cobain intended!
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One of Nirvana's best kept secrets? They play this song on the radio for Christ's sake!It is a great song though.
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BoMBeRPuNK writes:
The song is NOT called In His Hands. I'm a walking encyclopedia of Nirvana. I have a song called In His Hands, also referred to as In His Room. The song on No Alternative is called Verse Chorus Verse, which is a remake of an older song called Sappy from earlier demos. Take that to the bank and cash it in. I hate rumors.
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