SeaWorld Cleveland Shark Encounter Easter Egg - Hidden Page on Control Panel

Perhaps the most obscure easter egg, in the computer system that runs the movies at the shark encounter at Sea World Cleveland, possibly others.
Not dangerous or damaging in any way.
Go to the shark encounter at Sea World Cleveland
On the right as you enter the movie viewing area you will see an AMX system touch screen. This is the computer that controls parts of building,such as playing the movie and opening and closing the doors.
Either wait for the operator's back to be turned (if there even is one that day)or convince them to help. It is impossible to do any damage or anything like that at this panel.
When you lightly touch the darkened screen it will come on and should say "Shark Encounter operations" at the top. Touch the very upper left hand corner of the screen to jump to a hidden page with a special message from the creators,
"United we stand, chachi we return again to fix it." Note the brilliant color scheme.
A button at the bottom of that page will return you to where you were before.
If you press the part of the screen that is a video feed from outside the encounter, it will take to another easter egg, this one well-known by all the operators. The other is not. Explore for more...


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Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-16-2000
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Special Requirements: a ticket to sea world Cleveland
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kaylafer writes:
Yes, fire ball is right, 6 flags did take over sea world in Cleveland but they did not demolish sea world it is still a Sea World park, believe me I should know I go there about 4 times every summer, at least! Oh, and a little more info, 6 flags took over Geoga Lake (however you spell it) and Sea World, there right beside each other. Geoga Lake turned into 6 Flags and Sea World is still Sea World's something like Sea World and 6 Flags Adventure Park!
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N8TLV writes:
This egg is for real. I was just at the former Sea World of Ohio in Aurora, Ohio, today, July 26th, 2003. First of all, the former Geauga Lake was bought out by Six Flags and renamed Six Flags Ohio. About a year later, Six Flags then bought out Sea World of Ohio and turned it into one giant theme park with a floating bridge, a paved walkway and a boat connecting the two sides of the lake. The name of the new resulting amusement park is Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, and this is how it is known today. The Shark Encounter, or The Shark Experience, as it is now known, still exists in the wildlife side of Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. When you walk in the door, the panel talked about is on the right in the first room where the movie is showing. It is about two-thirds the way down the right wall before the opening to the rest of the exhibit. The panel itself is behind a stainless steel door with a glass panel in the middle. I passed it off at first as an alarm or smoke detector system. It is about 14" wide and 10" tall by estimate. The door opens with no key, as the right side of it is just velcroed to the black carpeted wall. Just pull gently on the right side of the stainless steel panel and it will swing back revealing the AMX touch screen panel. The egg works as described. Just touching the screen wakes it up from black to a status screen with a live video feed. Touching in the upper right reveals the message listed in the egg. Also, it says towards the top in a box, "Welcome to the Pandora AMX Box!", then towards the top left in big chunky graphics in another box, "SHH! IT'S A SECRET!" In the bottom centre is a list of the developers' names followed by the year 2000 and yet another message, "WE MISS YOU SHAMU :(" in reference to the park being bought out by Six Flags. The park still does have a killer whale, although since Sea World owns the name Shamu, there will never be a Shamu at this park again. A note to others who may attempt to view this egg, there were NO park staff around at the time I was there, and this was at about 5:30pm. It should be pretty safe to attempt as this attraction pretty much runs itself.
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Fire Ball writes:
Uhh... Sea World wasn't demolished...there were those commercials of Six Flags World of Adventure or something with Sea World and Six Flags combined....but seeing as its a new company i would imagine the egg is gone
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EMDF writes:
Too bad Cedar Point bought out Geauga Lake. And now they're demolishing the whole theme park! pretty soon, this egg won't exist anymore
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baron taltos writes:
that might work if seaworld was still there but it was bought out by six flags and demolished too bad too it was a cool park
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