International Track and Field Easter Egg - Novel Cheats

Novel cheats for International track and field on the playstation:-
Pole Vault,
On your first attempt you must clear 4.5m, then on your second jump raise the bar to 5m and jump it, now when you set the height for your third jump a Space Shuttle will be flying in the background.
100 metres freestyle,
On the Game Select Screen, highlight 100m freestyle, then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, right, triangle. This should change the swimmers clothes for bikinis.
When throwing the javalin hold down the throw button as soon as the angle metre appears to get an angle of 73 degrees or more and release it before the foul line. If you have enough power in the throw you will harpoon a U.F.O with your javelin.
Shot Putt,
If you can manage a distance comprised of one number (e.g 66m.66cm), a T-rex will appear.
To make a flock of birds appear, get a distance that matches both metres and centimetres (e.g. 45m.45cm).
Triple jump,
Match the last three digits of your distance (e.g 16m.66cm), and a giant gopher will appear in the sand.
...and finally to hide the gauges select any event and pause the game. Press and hold L1,L2,R1,R2,triangle,right,circle,L1, while still holding the buttons, press up or down repeatedly and the gauges will dissapear.

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Contributed By: Tornado on 08-02-2000
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