Apocalypse Now Easter Egg - Bemused Reference to George Lucas

In the scene where Willard (Martin Sheen) meets with the colonel and the "man from the CIA," the colonel's assistant, called "Luke" (which may be a reference to Luke Skywalker), is played by Harrison Ford. There is one close up of his uniform which reveals his name patch -- which says "G LUCAS." This is a slight dig at George Lucas, who had been critical of Coppola for attempting to do too much with the film and wasting money.

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Contributed By: Covert on 04-20-2000
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WitteGijt writes:
If you notice in the same scene the name of the General is R. Corman. This is a reference to director Roger Corman, who employed Francis Ford Coppola at a very early stage of his carreer. Among other directors who started under Corman are James Cameron and Martin Scorsese.
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arp2500 writes:
Actually, both of you are wrong. Lucas was originally supposed to work with Coppola on Apocalypse Now when the project was conceived by the two in the early 70's. However, after the success of Lucas' American Graffiti, Lucas Decided to pursue his desire to venture back into Science Fiction. This was not met with satisfaction by Coppola, who helped Lucas finance his first feature THX 1138 (which was Science Fiction as well, but was not met with good criticism). Lucas went forward with Star Wars anyway and tried to encourage Coppola to wait for him to finish so that they could work on Apocalypse Now together. Coppola did not want that, and went ahead with shooting Apocalypse. As a comment to how Coppola felt about the situation, he gave Harrison Ford's character (a sheep-ish 'yes man')the last name of 'Lucas' and even went so far as to have Ford wear a dog tag that read 'George Lucas'.
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DrumDude writes:
Harrison Ford being called "The man from the CIA" isn't a reference to "Clear and Present Danger", that movie came out in 1993 or 1994 (I think) and "Apocalypse Now" came out in 1979.
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Trotsky writes:
Harrison Ford didn't play the CIA man, Jerry Ziesmer did (in one part, you can hear General Corman call him 'Jerry'). Also, Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan, the CIA man from 'Clear and Present Danger', in 'Patriot Games' also, which came out earlier, but still after Apocalypse Now. And Lucas and Coppola didn't 'switch' Star Wars and Apocalypse Now; Coppola originally wanted Lucas to be the director, but he was too busy doing Star Wars. Apocalypse Now started being worked on in 1969.
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WitteGijt writes:
Kurtz is the name of Brando's character in the movie, which is a very important character cause he's the man, Willard (Sheen) is after. The character's name is taken from the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad on which the film is based on.
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SpudRat writes:
Actually...he wasn't making fun of George Lucas, Apocalypse Now was originally George Lucas's Film, and Star Wars was the other guys, but they switched. I forget why though...it was simply a nod or whatever towards Lucas
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Ace writes:
You may notice the name "Kurtz" on one of the actor's uniforms in this same. That's a reference to Gary Kurtz, who produced Star Wars.
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